▷ Spotify does not work, the application does not listen or does not play music

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Yesterday it was Tuenti and today it is Spotify. The streaming music platform has just suffered a fall that affects not only Spain, but the rest of the countries where the application is available. The cases number in the hundreds and even thousands, for now. Apparently, the application does not allow music to play, with a message similar to “Spotify cannot play this right now”. At the time of writing these lines, the company has not commented on it, so we do not know if it is aware of connection problems.

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Spotify is down, does not work and does not let you play music

So is. The application has stopped working in much of the globe. As we have been able to verify, the problem extends to both the mobile application (Android and iOS) and the program for desktop systems (Windows and macOS). As for the areas affected by the fall, the heat map of the Downdetector.com website shows us that the failures extend to a large number of countries.

Spotify does not work, the application does not listen or does not play music 1

In addition to Spain, the fall has affected countries such as France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. In the United States they have also been experienced problems with the application, as well as in Australia, Japan, Brazil and Argentina. Although the company has not given much data about the failures of the platform, everything points to the fact that servers hosted in different countries have suffered a fall at a general level. Nor is a possible large-scale organized attack ruled out.

Regarding the problems of the application, some users assure that It is not capable of playing songs and it even closes automatically when trying to access from Android and iOS. Others ensure that the application correctly plays the songs with a slight delay. Interestingly, most bugs are concentrated in the iPhone and iPad application.


Spotify has confirmed through their official Tiwtter account that they are already investigating the problem. If we look back, everything indicates that the failures will be resolved in the next few hours, probably throughout the afternoon.

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