10 65-inch teles at a demolition price below 700 euros


With the rise of smart TVs, the diagonal of the screens has grown exponentially year after year. Today, the standard in size is well above the 42 inches that five years ago were established in the market. It is a fact, most brands have models of 50 and even 65 inches. The good news is that the price of the latter has been reduced to more affordable values. Proof of this is this compilation of 65-inch televisions that we have made with models below 700 euros.

We explain what each technology of the teles means: OLED, Quantum Dots, NanoCell, HDR10 +

Samsung UE65RU7105 for 636 euros

samsung tv

One of the best-selling models by Samsung in 2019. It has a 4K panel with LED technology and HDR and HDR10 + support. In addition to being compatible with Alexa and Apple TV. it has class A + of energy efficiency. It also has the Dolby Digital Plus certified and 20W sound output.

In terms of connectivity, the TV has three HDMI ports, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a digital audio output, a CI port and Bluetooth Audio to connect Bluetooth sound devices using. Its price is 636 euros on Amazon, to which we must add another 7 euros for shipping costs.

Samsung 65RU7405 for 649 euros

Samsung’s most popular 65-inch TV, with an average of 1,400 positive values ​​on Amazon alone. This model traces the technical characteristics of the previous model, the only difference starts from the Dynamic Crystal Color technology, a technology that offers “a hyper-realistic variation that will allow us to see even the smallest detail”, according to the manufacturer.

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Its price on Amazon is 649 euros, to which we will have to add another 7 euros for shipping costs.

TCL 65EP660 for 699 euros

tcl tv

TCL bets on a model with similar characteristics to that of Samsung, with a 65-inch panel with LED technology, 4K resolution and HDR support. Beyond the technical differences between models, which are certainly few, the TCL model is characterized by having Android TV, something that is becoming less frequent due to the integration of proprietary systems.

Otherwise, the TV has a roadmap similar to that of Samsung models: 20W sound output, USB, HDMI, Ethernet and DVI ports and a maximum brightness of 280 nits, the same value that the televisions of the South Korean manufacturer reach. Its price is 699 euros in the MediaMarkt online store. Of course, shipping costs amount to 30 euros if we opt for home delivery. We can also opt for store collection if we prefer to save costs and we have a store near our home.

10 65-inch teles at a demolition price below 700 euros 1

Xiaomi has also joined the television market with this 65-inch model for less than 700 euros.

The model in question replicates the technical configuration of the rest of the market proposals, with a 4K panel with HDR10 + support and a 20W sound output, with two speakers on the sides of 10W each. Like the TCL TV, Xiaomi has bet on Android TV in its version 9.0 (Android 9 Pie, specifically) to provide intelligence to your TV. Otherwise, the TV has three HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an AV output, and a CI + port.

At Fnac we can buy it for 699 euros. Shipping starts from 13 euros, although we can choose to pick up in store to save the shipping price. It should be noted that the purchase is on request, so total shipping time can be extended up to 2 weeks, as indicated by the website itself.

LG 65UM7100PLA for 569 euros

lg tv

If we opt for a cheaper television, the model 65UM7100PLA by LG is presented as one of the cheaper alternatives on the market. Its price in PC components is only 569 euros, to which we will have to add another 15.50 euros for shipping costs.

As for the technical specifications of the TV, it does not differ much from the rest of the models. 65-inch LED panel with 4K resolution and 20W audio with Ultra Surround technology. In addition to having HDR support, it has the 4K Active technology that optimizes all scenes to deliver rich colors.

Like the Xiaomi TV, it has three HDMI ports and two USB 2.0 ports. Yes, does not have Android TV, but uses WebOS, LG’s proprietary system for its smart TVs.

Panasonic TX-65GX700E for 599 euros

panasonic tv

Almost 600 euros plus shipping in MediaMarkt, a shipment that represents an additional 30 euros over the price of the item.

Panasonic’s commitment comes with features, on paper, quite similar to other models: 4K, HDR10 and a 20W sound system. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this model is the presence of Adaptive Backlight Dimming technology, a technology that, according to its own brand, will provide us with images of high sharpness, clarity and richness of nuances.

What this technology does is combine different images with different contrasts to improve the brightness of dark areas and thus provide a more extensive dynamic range and a result that tries to imitate displays with OLED technology.

Hisense 65B7100 for 499 euros

One of the cheapest options that we can find on the market today. Its price is 499 euros in PC components, with associated shipping costs of 13.50 euros, according to the company’s website.

Despite its low price, the truth is that the Hisense television has nothing to envy the rest of the alternatives. In fact, the TV has a 4K resolution LED panel and HDR support. As if this were not enough, it is Compatible with Dolby Digital Plus certification and even has three HDMI ports. Of course, the built-in sound system has a maximum power of 10 W, half that of other televisions. To this we must add that it does not have a Bluetooth connection, so we will not be able to connect wireless audio devices. In this aspect, we will have to opt for cable sound systems, since the television has an optical output.

It should be noted that the television has the energy certification A, instead of the A + certification of the other proposals. In practice, energy consumption is somewhat higher.

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Hisense 65B7300 for 608 euros

Within the same brand we can find a much more interesting and complete model in terms of technical specifications. The 65B7300 comes to supply the majority of deficiencies that we find in the previous model. Not only does it have an A + energy certification, It is also compatible with the HDR10 + standard and has a 20 W sound system.

Unfortunately, the TV still does not have a Bluetooth connection, which limits the possibilities of connecting with other wireless devices. The good news is that the maximum brightness of your screen is 300 nits, a figure higher than that of other models from brands such as Samsung or LG. Its price is only 608 euros in MediaMarkt plus another 29 euros for shipping costs. We can also choose to pick up at the store, as we have previously mentioned.

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Toshiba 65UL3A63DG for 509 euros

Awarded as one of the best 4K televisions on the market within its price range. And it is not for less, because in addition to having a 4K LED panel, the TV is compatible with the Dolby Vision HDR standard, something rare in this type of TV. As if this were not enough, the maximum brightness offered by the panel is no less than 350 nits, a figure quite far from the 280 nits that we can find in the rest of televisions. To this we must add the presence of four HDMI 2.0 ports. Yes, you read it right. Four ports.

Perhaps the least notable feature of the television is its system, quite slow and unlimited compared to other proposals on the market such as WebOS or Android TV. Still, it is one of the best televisions that we can find on the market currently for 500 euros. To be exact, its price is 509 euros in PC components plus 14 euros for shipping costs.

Toshiba 65VL5A63DG for 545 euros

toshiba tv

We continue with Toshiba with the 65VL5A63DG model, a model that inherits the technical characteristics of the previous proposal. In fact, it has the same base and the same design, as well as with the same arrangement of ports (four HDMI inputs, two USB inputs …).

If we talk about the characteristics of the screen, the TV has a LED panel with 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR support. It also has a maximum brightness of 350 nits, although the maximum sound power is 12 W.

The biggest difference with respect to the mentioned model is the presence of the Wide Color Gamut technology. Thanks to this, the television is capable of reflecting up to 1,024 layers per color to offer more vivid and vibrant colors, in the manufacturer’s own words. It also ensures that it is capable of offering a wider color range than conventional televisions. Its price in PC components is 545 euros to which we will have to add another 20 to cover shipping costs.

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