10 best cheap smartwatches [Updated: July 2020]

The first Apple Watch was released in 2015. It was a proof of concept, but also a luxury product for a luxury market. In the years that followed, other companies followed with their own costly alternatives. But 2020 seems to be a milestone for top-class smartwatches. Both Apple Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 2 are coming out this year, which means prices for older smartwatches will go down. In other words, there is no better time to buy the best cheap smart watch.

Today’s market is full of competition, and that means that savvy buyers can get a good smartwatch that covers all the basics at an affordable price. So that you can find the right smartwatch for you, We have identified ten of the best cheap smartwatches on the market and created a shopping guide to watch out for.

10 best cheap smartwatches for summer 2020

Apple Watch Series 3

Still one of the most powerful smartwatches on the market

Best overall

Apple Watch Series 3Selection of the HotRate editors