10 best mouse pads 2020

The problem of the best gaming mouse pads is very controversial today. Players who use surface-optimized mice often see mouse pads as an aid.

But are these accessories completely useless? I do not think so.

If you’re a fan of competitive games that require control in a split second, consider a gaming pad to expand your gaming peripherals.

Best gaming mouse pads

Among other things, the best gaming mouse pads offer your gaming mice a lot of support in terms of sensitivity and precision. So, What is important when buying these items?

Are there special mouse pads for games?

You will learn all of this soon.

Best gaming mouse pads 2019 reviews

1 Logitech G440 – Best gaming mouse pads for high-resolution games

The Logitech G440 is one of the best gaming mouse pads on the market today. This pad brings a lot of things to like and very little to hate. Let’s start here. Why did our editor choose this list?

Perfect size

Are you looking for a gaming pad that is neither too small nor too large for your gaming desk? I bet the Logitech G440 fits exactly.

This pad measures 11 1/8 x 13 3/8 inches. This may be an ideal size for players who want a pad that is slightly larger than a standard pad.

With this size, you can make precise movements without lifting the mouse. However, it’s not too big to make it difficult to place on the edge of your desk.

Has low surface friction

I bet this is the main feature that makes it one of the best gaming mouse pads today. This pad has a hard surface and is therefore ideal for lightning-fast mouse and cursor movements.

As most players confirm, the uniquely smooth surface makes chasing a breeze and doesn’t cause skipping.

We also like that hard gaming mouse pads like this give you a consistent gaming experience all the time. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will want to replace this pad soon.

The best part?

It doesn’t slip! This is one of the best gaming mousepads we can honestly recommend to angry DPI players.

We appreciate that it has one Rubber base. This is a nice feature, which means that the pad doesn’t slide over the desk with your hand.

Are you also in the gaming mouse market? If so, you should match this pad with that Logitech G gaming mouse. According to Logitech, this gaming pad was designed to fit the Logitech G sensors.

What we don’t like

First, this pad is pretty expensive. You could get 2 other low end models at this price. Second, its edges are much sharper and can easily irritate the wrist. You may want to smooth it out before using the mat.

Logitech G440 hard gaming mouse pad for high-resolution games

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

(4.5 / 5)


  • Not so small and not too big
  • Does not slip
  • Has low surface friction

2 CORSAIR MM300 – Anti-Fray gaming mouse pads

In very rare cases we recommend cloth mouse pads, especially for games. However, we know a high quality fabric cushion when we see it. And this Corsair MM300 is one of the best gaming mouse pads in this category.

I doubt that the reliability of the 2k players can be highlighted with an impressive 4.7 / 5-star rating.

Available in all sizes

Corsair is a giant in gaming technology and knows that gaming peripherals are a personal preference. That’s why it uses the Corsair MM300 in everyone 3 sizes.

While our recommendation is the smallest size here, you can get it in a medium or large version. What we like is that even the largest pad is only a few dollars more expensive than the Logitech above.

The small Corsair MM300 pad may be a good option if your desk has limited space. If you’re looking for a model that gives you complete control without filling your desk, the medium-sized pad may be enough.

The large pad can be very helpful if you also want something large enough for your gaming keyboard.

What makes the Corsair MM300 unique?

No fraying

This gaming mouse pad has strong and reliable stitches that makes fraying almost impossible. With this function you can safely throw it in the washing machine.

Has almost no slips

We also like that the MM300 has a non-slip rubber base. This feature, in conjunction with its low-friction textile fabric surface, enables maximum play accuracy with pixel-perfect targeting.

CORSAIR MM300 - Anti-fray cloth gaming mouse pad - High performance mouse pad, optimized for gaming sensors - Designed for maximum control - Small

Our rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

(4.7 / 5)


  • Has a non-slip base
  • Can be used with optical and laser gaming mice
  • Available in 3 sizes and at affordable prices
  • Stitched edges mean no fraying


  • Not ideal if you prefer hard surfaces

3 CORSAIR MM800 Polaris RGB mouse pad

The RGB enthusiasm is everywhere. I bet for those who are already interested, the Corsair MM800 is the way to go.

Unlike the mouse pads above, this is a fancy model with one RGB lighting In the front, left and right. Well, this lighting does absolutely nothing to increase your score in games.

But it is a feast for the eyes. It is used only for aesthetics and provides excellent color production on your playing field.

It is worth noting that the RGB system uses True PWM lighting technology. Interestingly, this is one of the best gaming mouse pads that are compatible with the Corsair Utility Engine.

This is a downloadable app that allows you to customize and sync the light effect on the pad. As such, you get the most accurate palettes with red, blue and green colors.

Here’s the best part

The MM800 has one built-in USB port. You can use this connection to connect your mouse to your computer via the pad. It is more of a compensation for the port it occupies on your computer.

It is spacious

The Corsair MM800 measures 350 mm x 260 mm x 5 mm. Let’s just agree that this is enough for most of your gaming needs. The hard, low-friction surface enables maximum precision for lightning-fast accuracy.

Even better is that it has a rubber base that offers a strong non-slip grip even on glass surfaces.

Any disadvantages?

Although the above features clearly define the MM800 as one of the best gaming mouse pads, it is not without its flaws.

First, this pad is large and does not bend. Therefore, it can be a problem if your gaming desk suffers from lack of space.

Second, the textured surface may be a little daunting to keep clean than a regular mouse pad. In addition, the price of a mouse pad is slightly higher, although it is worth every penny.

CORSAIR MM800 Polaris RGB mouse pad - 15 RGB LED zones - USB pass-through - high-performance mouse pad, optimized for game sensors

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

(4.5 / 5)


  • RBG lighting creates a playful play environment
  • Offers plenty of sliding surface
  • The built-in pass-through USB connection provides additional convenience


  • A textured surface may be difficult to clean
  • Built-in USB 2.0 instead of 3.0

4 Razer Firefly Chroma Hard

The Razer Firefly Chroma is another option if you’re looking for the best gaming mouse pads with light.

As the name suggests, the Chroma Hard has a hard surface. However, it has another sibling with a fabric surface for those who prefer it.

Designed specifically for speed, you should feel a significant difference, especially when migrating from a fabric cushion. Therefore, players who long for it might like it fast and precise movements.

Speaking of precision, the Firefly Chroma Hard has one reflective microtextured surface This increases the sensitivity of the sensors. In addition, this surface resists animal hair easy and it is too super easy to clean.

This mouse mat uses Razer Chroma Lighting, which offers millions of customizable colors. This stunning display of colors and effects helps improve your gaming environment.

What’s the catch on this pad?

First, unlike the Corsair MM800 mentioned above, the Chroma does not offer compensation for the USB connection used.

Second, the cable is not removable. If it breaks (although unlikely), you have a normal pad without lighting.

Razer Firefly Chroma Hard - Customizable RGB Polycarbonate Hard Gaming Mouse Pad - 16.8 million color combinations

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

(4.5 / 5)


  • Resistant to animal hair
  • Has incredible speeds and sensiti
  • Has a customizable RGB lighting system


  • Has no USB port
  • Quite expensive

5 PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

The Pecham could be the ticket for players who are not ready to sink a piece of change for a mere pad. Frankly, this pad is as cheap as these peripherals.

Despite his Sling priceThe Pecham has several unique features that you may not find on other high-end models.

First, this is one of the biggest Models in our collection of the best gaming mouse pads. Measure in at 30.71 inches by 11.1 inchesThis pad offers space for keyboard and mouse and still leaves a lot of space for other requirements.

Second, it is waterproof. This feature alone makes it an excellent option if you want to drink a cup of coffee while playing.

What’s more?

You may also like that the Pecham is home to all types of gaming mice. This feature means that it is also very useful when replacing your gaming mice.

This pad has a fabric surface made of Lycra fabric that offers excellent sliding properties. This pad also has a heavy rubber base. With these two functions, you can safely and consistently take high-precision recordings.

Will it fray?

Well, most mouse pads for fabric games are frayed. But the Pecham could only do this after a few years. It has robust and strongly sewn edges that prevent fraying and peeling even after regular washing in the machine.

PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad - Non-slip waterproof rubber computer mouse mat, 30.71 x 11.81 inches, 3 mm thick, XX large - black

Our rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

(4.6 / 5)


  • Attractively priced
  • Robust edges against fraying
  • Heavy rubber floor for non-slip experiences
  • Waterproof


  • Others find it pretty thin

6 Razer Vespula double-sided gaming mouse mat

The Razer Vespula is specifically designed for gamers who want a moderately better gaming mouse pad at all costs.

This is one of the best gaming mouse pads out there 2 sliding surfaces in one unit. In fact, this is the main feature that sets it apart from others here.

Why is that important?

The main advantage you will reap here is state-of-the-art precision and quick control on the same mat. One side of this mat is a Precision surface. This feels structured and bumpy and isn’t as quick as the other side.

Needless to say that the Precision side could be ideal for sniping games where consistency and accuracy are key.

The other side is a fast surface. This is useful for games where fast movements have to be carried out in a split second.

Well, it’s a little illogical that you have the time to flip the pad in the middle of the game. But it could be a little easier than changing the pads altogether.

This model also has a memory foam palm rest. Your goal is to support your hand, especially for a long time.

However, there is a catch here.

Most people report that there is a strong smell of petroleum that emanates from the palm rest. Second, most buyers report that the pad blisters around the sliding surface after about 1 year.

Razer Vespula V2: double-sided surface

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars



  • Has two sides for versatility
  • Has a palm rest
  • Supports various games


  • Some say the palm rest sucks
  • Bad durability for its price

7 SteelSeries Rubber Base gaming mouse pad

What you see is a tournament model that
tops most charts of today’s best gaming mouse pads.

This is a world leading mouse pad, not only because its price is in a friendly stadium. But mostly because it outperforms itself when it does what it was designed for.

The SteelSeries comes in 9 different models that differ in size and thickness. What we’re checking here is the Qck + model. It measures 17.72 W x 15.75 H x 0.08 D

Its high thickness improves performance even on uneven surfaces. It also helps support your wrist.

In contrast to the Pecham mentioned above, the SteelSeries is not waterproof. Fortunately, it is easy to wipe it off with either a damp cloth or a damp cloth.

What makes it unique?

What makes it one of the best gaming mouse pads is that it is optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice.

But what is so impressive is the unbeatable, almost smooth fabric sliding surface. This makes it unstoppable regardless of the titles you’re looking forward to.

Its base shows a sticky rubber compound. It prevents the pad from making the slightest movements or moving.

What are the disadvantages?

There are 2 major flaws in this pad. First, it is not waterproof and tends to accumulate dirt quickly. Second, it is not machine washable.

SteelSeries Rubber Base gaming mouse pad (450mm x 400mm, black)

Our rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

(4.7 / 5)


  • Smooth gliding
  • The sticky rubber base does not move and does not move
  • Cheap and reliable


  • First collect dirt
  • Not safe in the washing machine

8 Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Mat

The Glorious mat is one of the best gaming mouse pads that you can use for work. It could be an economical alternative to the SteelSeries mentioned above, as it is a few dollars cheaper and yet equally functional.

We appreciate very much that this manufacturer offers this mat in different sizes. What we’re checking is the “smallest” one, but you could go as high as the XXXL.

Although the Glorious Large is the smallest, it offers enough space for keyboard and mouse movements. This mat measures 11 “x 13” x 0.08 “and is therefore quite large for most players’ needs.

This pad has a minimalist design, without unnecessary texts being spread over the sliding surface to affect the sensitivity of your mouse. A stylish logo on the right side complements the stitched edges and improves the aesthetics of the mat.

Which games are supported?

The glorious large stands out normal high DPI settings. It has a smooth fabric surface that supports different mouse sensors and sensitivities.

It also has a non-slip rubber base. So it stays intact no matter how strict your games require.

Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Mat / Pad - Stitched edges, 2 mm thick, black mouse pad | 11

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

(4.8 / 5)


  • Spacious but not too big
  • Stitched edges for long durability
  • Has low friction and excellent sensitivity
  • Machine washable


  • Has a slight chemical smell that fades slightly

9 Turtle Beach Mouse Pad

Turtle Beach is another extremely affordable gaming mouse pad that you can’t go wrong with. This is the latest offering from Turtle Beach Corporation – an American technology company under the Turtle Beach and Hypersounds brand.

This card is available in 4 different sizes medium, large, extra large (checked) and wide. The latter could be an ideal option for players who tend to move the mouse above average.

The x-sized model measures in at 17.72 “x 13.78”. This could be enough space for your keyboard, mouse, and even a game keyboard.

Impressive design

The first thing you notice right away is the somewhat rough feeling above. This is due to the high quality structured surface used.

Why is it important?

This slightly rough texture means that your mouse won’t slide or slide unnecessarily during your games.

As one of the best gaming mouse pads currently available, there’s no need to worry that it won’t stay in place. The Turtle Beach has one non-slip rubber base take care of it.

might also appreciate the anti-fraying edges, which further increase durability.

Turlte Beach Mouse Pad

Our rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

(4.4 / 5)


  • Attractively priced
  • The mouse does not slide or does not slide
  • Non-slip rubber base


  • Some don’t find it soft enough

10 Logitech G240 low DPI gaming mouse pad

The Logitech G240 is in its simplicity. It might be a good choice if you are looking for one Base pad that does not require electricity.

This is basically a black cloth with some resistance on the bottom to minimize slipping. The surface is soft enough for excellent tracking performance.

Again, most users point out that despite its fabric design, this gaming pad offers enough support without sinking.

The Logitech G240 has no embroidery on the edges. Well, this can be both a pro and a contra, depending on how you look at it.

As a professional, this means that there are no bumps that could affect the comfort of your wrist. On the other hand, this design means that the mat can easily fray during regular washes.

A good thing is that the Logitech G240 easily removes dirt and dust. Here too, a damp cloth is sufficient to maintain cleanliness. Therefore, this gaming pad should be able to hold quite well with minimal care.

Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming mouse pad for low-DPI games

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars



  • Good size
  • Has a firm texture
  • Remains pretty clean


  • Edges that are not sewn can easily fray

Best Gaming Mouse Pads Buying Guide 2018

The best gaming mouse pads play a non-trivial role in your gaming experience. You can simply slide the mouse onto your gaming table or armrest. However, our experience in this area shows that a smooth surface always gives you the upper hand when you smash enemy lines.

It is noteworthy that not everyone has the best gaming mouse pads. Your ideal choice for these accessories depends on your preferences material and your Play style.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads buying guide
Source: highgroundgaming.com

Why are gaming mouse pads so important?

Before you delve deeper into the best gaming mouse pads, here are some of the benefits these modules offer.

  • A mat refines your gameplay by setting your controls as responsive and precise as possible
  • It solves the problem of reflective surfaces like glass and shiny table tops
  • It balances out uneven and structured surfaces like wood
  • The best gaming mouse pads also extend the life of your gaming mice and protect your desk

What is important when buying the best gaming mouse pads?

Type: Soft or hard pad

Soft gaming mouse pads generally have a padded back that is either made of foam or rubber composite. Most of them also have a fabric cover. They give you good cushioning under the mouse.

On the other hand, hard gaming mouse pads have a smooth plastic surface and a rubber back. You may also find others made of aluminum.

As you can imagine, these are the best gaming mouse pads in terms of durability and cleanliness.

But here’s the main question: “Which of these two is the best for computer games?”

Well, you know there is no such thing as a bad gaming mouse pad. It depends on some things, including the type of games you enjoy and where you play them. Again, the type of mouse you use is very important.

Top gaming mouse pads

Hard gaming mouse pads

These will be particularly useful if you exercise a lot. They are also quite ideal for gamers who use gaming mice Laser sensors.

These models are practical to give you greater precision for spontaneous and precise movements.

It is important that these gaming mouse pads are waterproof. This feature makes them the best gaming mouse pads if you like to drink coffee or energy drinks in your gaming station.

However, there is a catch with hard gaming mouse pads.

The main disadvantage of hard pads is that they slide easily on smooth surfaces. However, if you find a solution to it, they offer the best value in terms of durability and control.

Soft gaming mouse pads could be a paradise if you play your games for hours. This is because soft modules, unlike hard gaming mouse pads, have a good depression so that your wrist can rest comfortably.

However, not all of us want wrist support. If you feel like it’s in your way, hard game mouse pads may work better for you.

Size – does it matter?

In addition to the softness or hardness of the gaming pad, it is also important to determine its size beforehand. The best gaming mouse pads come in all sizes.

You could get a model that only fits your wrist. Others are the length of your arm and could also support your keyboard and playing card.

Gaming mouse pads
Source: frugalgaming.org

What should you know about sizing?

Basically, a large pad doesn’t hurt if the surface of the mat is suitable for the movements of the mouse. The good thing about large gaming mouse pads is that they also play the role of wrist-rest. You can also place your gaming keyboard on it to prevent unwanted movement.

Without being so technical, with large gaming mouse pads and low sensitivity requirements, your arm uses the large and resilient muscles to move the pad. This helps reduce the risk of wrist and elbow pain with prolonged use.

However, if a large pad doesn’t fit on your desk, a small pad will do. The best thing about small pads is that you can use them anywhere. You don’t reach for real estate on your gaming table. Again, you can comfortably use them on your armrest.

On the downside?

You put so much pressure on your ulnar and median nerves. This is because even the smallest movements require a lot of strength.

Consider the cool factor

Playing is all about fun. So remember to treat yourself to an attractive mouse pad with unique designs and color patterns. If you think a mouse pad makes no difference to your PC game, you can only add it for aesthetic reasons.

The aesthetics of your gaming station alone can inspire you. Fortunately, the market is full of gaming mouse pads that stand out for their design. Some are brightly colored or even lit to make playing in low light easier.


A mouse pad may not have been so necessary a few decades ago. However, the advent of computer games that require extreme precision and speed makes these peripherals a must.

If your gaming rig already has the best external graphics card, it’s no exaggeration to add one of the best gaming mouse pads. These add-ons are inexpensive and can be everything you need for these glorious victories.

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