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10 best PVC pipe cutters [ 2020 ]

10 best PVC pipe cutters [ 2020 ]

Buying guide for PVC pipe cutters

What is the easiest way to cut PVC pipes?

There are several methods you can use to cut a PVC pipe, traditionally using a clamp and a saw. You can clamp your PVC pipe, mark the desired cutting length and then saw the PVC pipe with a hacksaw. This is a standard method that you can use and that works well. However, if you are not a hacksaw expert, you may have a sturdy cutting edge that you may need to grind afterwards. To achieve a specific and more precise cut, you can use a miter box with your hacksaw so that the saw can be guided through each cut.

Although the cutting line may be more accurate, you may still have a sturdy cutting edge. To get the cheapest cut for your PVC pipes, instead buy a PVC pipe cutter that provides various tools you can rely on to achieve a tight and sharp cutting edge. There are different types of PVC pipe cutters that offer you a ratchet PVC pipe cutter with ratchet mechanism or alternatively a scissors PVC pipe cutter that may be suitable for some people.

To use general PVC pipe cutters, simply insert the PVC pipe into the bucket area and squeeze the handles. This offers a scissor-like action for cutting the PVC pipes. Some of the best PVC pipe cutters have a ratchet mechanism that gives your cutters a different grip. Ratcheting PVC pipe cutters offer you a professional finish and a smooth and clean cut of the pipe. Your PVC pipe cutter is easy to use for a professional finish.

How does a PVC pipe cutter work?

Ratchets PVC pipe cutters offer precise tools with a ratchet handle and one-hand pipe cutters for the best cut and the best finish. Alternatively, you can use scissors-like actions to access knives that have the handles squeezed together or where two hands are required to activate the mechanism. In order to cut the pipe with the PVC pipe cutters, the sharp blade cuts into the plastic and creates a clean cut through the desired measurement.

All tools and milling cutters offer a different mechanism and a different way of operating the milling cutters. As a result, some cutters may feel more comfortable compared to other tools and cutters. You may find that it’s a set of scissors. Some people find it difficult to squeeze because some knives may require a strength test.

However, a ratchet mechanism can cause an additional shift in cutting the pipe with the required pipe cutters, making it easier to use for most people. Your PVC pipe cutter ensures that every slice of pipe you make is accurate, clean, and tidy, and ensures that your PVC pipe cutter becomes a well-used tool in your toolbox.

Expert tip

Always mark your pipes carefully before trying to cut them so that you can achieve a precise and accurate cut. While using a pipe cutter provides a smooth and effortless cut, the measurements used are crucial to ensure that you do your job efficiently.

Did you know?

While many people traditionally use a hacksaw to cut pipes, the pipe cutter has actually been around for decades. Pipe cutters have been used since the introduction of copper pipes in the 1920s to achieve clean lines and precise cuts. One of the best known pipe cutter manufacturers at that time was the American manufacturer Barnes, followed by Monument Tools and C and J Hampton Ltd.

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