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10 kitchen robots to start the diet cooking healthy

10 kitchen robots to start the diet cooking healthy

10 kitchen robots to start the diet cooking healthy 1

Eating unhealthy is not an option if we want to maintain an optimal point of health. Today, kitchen robots help us create healthy recipes in a much simpler way than before. To this must be added that most robots have a recipe book that tells us the number of calories per serving. The good news is that there are many options on the market beyond the famous Thermomix. This time we have compiled several of these options to start the diet by cooking healthy at home.

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Monsieur Cuisine, the most famous kitchen robot on the Internet

Its name is not the best known and most commercial of all, but if we tell you that we are dealing with the LIDL food processor, things change. The Monsieur Cuisine robot of the food chain has been proclaimed in just a few years as one of the best alternatives to the Thermomix. And it is not for less, since its price is only 360 euros both in store and on the web.

Cecotec Mambo 8090, the best quality / price ratio robot

The kitchen robot of the Spanish company is one of the most interesting options on the market. First, for its price, about 260 euros in an official store. And second, for its functions and technical characteristics. Specifically, the device has 30 different cooking functions and a 3.3 liter capacity per jar. In addition to having 10 speeds, it has an adjustable second to second timer and a temperature range of 37 to 120º C.

Cecotec Ironmix, cheaper and simpler than the Mambo series

Within the Spanish manufacturer we find another robot that is simpler and cheaper than the Mambo 8090. We are talking about the Cecotec Ironmix, a multifunction robot that has 22 functions (chop, chop, grind, pulverize, grate, beat, assemble, emulsify …) and a stainless steel jug with 3.3 liter capacity.

In addition to having 12 speeds, it has a timer with up to 60 minutes of programming and a temperature range of 20 to 120º C. Its price in the official store is 190 euros with shipping included.

Chefbot Compact by Ikohs, the cheap alternative to Cecotec Ironmix

A cheaper option than the previous one is this one from Ikohs. The robot has nothing less than 23 cooking functions and 30 automatic programs. It includes an autowash function and 10 speeds together with a Turbo mode that allows us to carry out the elaborations more quickly. The temperature range goes from 37º C to 120º C. It also has 8 accessories, among which are a hand spatula, a butterfly whisk, a cutting disc, a mixing paddle and a food pusher, among others. .

Moulinex Cuisine Companion, a good alternative to the LIDL robot

10 kitchen robots to start the diet by cooking healthy 2

Both for price and for functions. In El Corte Inglés, its price is always around 480 euros. Regarding its characteristics, the Moulinex robot has 12 speeds and a capacity per jug ​​of 4.5 liters. Likewise, it incorporates 6 different cooking functions and various accessories that allow us to chop, beat, mix, grind and knead, among others. It also has a recipe book with dozens of recipes designed exclusively for the robot.

Moulinex Multicooker, the cheapest food processor of 2020

10 kitchen robots to start the diet by cooking healthy 3

So is. In the Carrefour online store, the price of this Moulinex robot is 90 euros. Yes, you read it right. 90 euros.

If we focus exclusively on its functions, the robot has nothing to envy to the Cuisine Companion robot of the same brand. It has 12 different cooking programs and a capacity of no less than 5 liters. It also has automatic time adjustment and delayed start and different accessories to complete cooking functions. Measuring cup, rice spatula, soup spoon, steamer basket … Of course, it includes a recipe book adapted to the robot.

Taurus Mycook Touch, one of the best alternatives to the Thermomix

Taurus is one of the best known manufacturers in the kitchen robot sector. The Mycook Touch model is the brand’s flagship and one of the best alternatives to the Vorwerk proposal.

It has a 7-inch full color touch screen, as well as two cooking modes, one manual and the other guided, in which all the preparation steps will be provided. Regarding its characteristics, the robot allows us to cook by induction up to 140º C. It has more than 8,100 recipes and a capacity per jar of 2 liters. Its price? 700 euros in the Taurus store.

Taurus Mycook one, the simplest Taurus robot

The Mycook Touch is the company’s most famous model, however, it is much more expensive than the Mycook one, an option that costs only 320 euros in the brand’s official store. In this case, the robot has 10 speeds and a laminated cookbook with 300 recipes, in addition to another 10,000 in digital format. Unlike the superior model, the maximum temperature limit is 120º C.

Kenwood Chef Elite XL, with almost 7 liters of capacity per jug

As its name suggests, the Kenwood model is one of the kitchen robots with the largest jug capacity, with no less than 6.7 liters. The rest of the features are not far behind either. It has a power of 1,400 W and dozens of cooking modes. As if this were not enough, the robot is compatible with more than 20 accessories. Its price in El Corte Inglés is 600 euros, although is usually on sale for 450.

Sogo BAT-SS-14555, a cheap and simple robot at the same time

10 kitchen robots to start the diet by cooking healthy 4

The last model we are talking about today comes from Sogo. The robot has 10 preset functions and 11 manually variable speeds. The temperature control allows us to program a range between 30 and 120º C. Also, the maximum capacity of the jar is 2 liters. It also incorporates various accessories that allow us to expand the possibilities in the kitchen: brush, measuring cup, butterfly, steamer, spatula … Its price is 260 euros in El Corte Inglés.

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