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10 practical tips and tricks for the Amazon Prime app

by Tejas Dhawan

10 practical tips and tricks for the Amazon Prime app

If you’re subscribed to Prime, Because you are interested in receiving Amazon packages on time, you surely know that you also have the option of accessing a good stock of movies and series available on Amazon Prime Video. This is the house’s streaming video platform, which many enjoy as a complement to Netflix, HBO, Filmin and other content houses. More now that we continue to spend more time at home.

But perhaps many will move into the summerhouse in the coming days and weeks. So we’ve put together a selection of 10 tips and tricks for the Amazon Prime app. In this way, you will learn how to use the tool and enjoy your favorite movies and series. We hope you find them useful.


1. Perform searches of different genres

Spinning the genre we like well can be tricky at times. Although if we know we want it, through Amazon Prime it is quite easy to hit the target. For example, if you are a fan of prison dramas, just type “drama” In the search section for, beyond the recommended genres, find the type of drama you really like. You will get multiple suggestions, but you will see that the final search gives you very accurate results regarding what you are looking for.


2. Download the movie or series to mobile

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you should know that you have the option of downloading the content to your mobile or tablet, so that, even if you do not have an Internet connection, you can still enjoy them. How do you do this? Well, very easy: access the title in question and click on the Download button, located at the bottom of the screen. If you want to watch an offline series, you can also choose to download a full season, although you’ll need a lot of space. Don’t worry if you can’t: you can go down chapter by chapter. And you also have the option to choose the download quality: Best, Best, Good or Economic, selecting your time if you want this setting to become the default.


3. Find Spanish series

There are series of all colors, genres and origins, so it is important that you can also find the series that are made here, since there are plenty of them on Amazon Prime. But how to locate them specifically in the app? One thing you can do is go to the cover of Amazon Prime, because there is a selection of Spanish cinema where you will find practically everything: series, movies, documentaries … This is the easiest way to find what interests you. But you can also do a direct search that includes the terms “Spanish films”, “Spanish series”, “Spanish” so that the system reports the results that interest you.


4. Watch trailers

It is true that some movies or series do not have a trailer, especially if they are very old. But, most do. The trailers are great for, among all the content, knowing if we are going to like a title or not. To find the trailer for the movie you want to see, go inside the title. You will see that there is a button that says “Trailer”. Press here. Some trailers may be available in their original language, without the possibility of activating subtitles or obtaining a minimal translation into Spanish. This is what it is.


5. Obtain cast information

A very cool feature of Amazon Prime is one that allows viewers to view cast information. Because … how many times has it happened to you that you see an actor in a movie that you like and you don’t remember the exact name? This option is also useful to know the name of an actor you like. and look, for example, for more productions in which it appears. To activate it, while you are viewing the title click on it and select the Cast option. Next, the entire cast will appear, you will have access to the biographies and photos of the actor or the actress in countless works.

10 practical tips and tricks for the Amazon Prime app 1

6. Add or remove from watch list

The watch list is a very useful space to avoid losing all the titles that interest you along the way. In this way, if you keep them well there, you will always have them at hand so you don’t have to search again. In addition, you can always delete them when you have already seen them. Access the title in question and click on the Watchlist button, located at the bottom of the screen. To remove it, you can click on the same button and it will disappear from the list. You can also access the list through My space. If you want to delete a title, click on the three buttons and choose what you want to do. In this case, it will be Remove from watch list.


7. Change the playback quality

The quality of the reproduction can also be modified. Although it is always more pleasant to see everything at 100% of the quality that the system can give, sometimes the connection limits our possibilities. Especially if we want to see content outside the home, on the mobile or on the tablet. Within the section My space> Settings you can choose the quality of streaming playback (using the highest when connected to WiFi) and the quality of the download. We recommend choosing the Always ask option, so that you can choose at all times what quality you want.


8. Turn off auto play

Autoplay is a functionality that is useful for some, but very annoying for others. You are not the only one who gets a little nervous that just after finishing a chapter of a series or a movie, the next one starts playing. Well, this can be easily avoided by accessing the Configuration section and by moving the Auto Play option switch.

Parental control

9. Activate parental controls

Not all content is suitable for the whole family, so if you have a child at home who picks up the phone, it would be interesting to activate the parental control system. You have this option in the section of Settings> Parental control. From here you can decide if you want to restrict access to other users (in this case minors) or change the Amazon Prime Video PIN. As a guide, you can also check Amazon’s age rating of all its content.


10. Turn captions on and off and edit them

Turning subtitles on and off is very easy. When the movie is playing, tap on it to activate the icon at the top of the screen. Click here to decide whether or not you want subtitles and, if so, select which language you want them in. If you also access Amazon Prime Video through the computer, also you can customize the characteristics of the subtitles, including the type of text, the font, the size, the opacity, the background color and the possibility that they are framed in a window. This option is operative from Prime Video> My space> Settings> Subtitles.

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