10 series you should give a try if you have Amazon Prime Video

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It is possible that when it comes to streaming content, the first thing that comes to our minds is Netflix. However, this is not the only platform and, in fact, there are more and more alternatives. Among these alternatives is Amazon Prime Video. Yes, Amazon also has content on demand and the truth is that the catalog it offers is varied and of quality. We are going to focus on 10 series that you should watch if you have Amazon Prime Video.

10 series you should give a try if you have Amazon Prime Video

The End of Comedy

We started this list of series on Amazon Prime Video to give a chance with a national product. The End of the Comedy has Ignatius Farray as its protagonist, a comedian who will show us, in a fictitious way, his life both on and off the stage. The interesting thing about this series is how raw, dramatic and comic it is in equal parts. Seeing the background of laughs from a protagonist perspective, seeing how they are constructed and how a comedian lives his life once the curtain falls. In addition, it has a large participation of personalities from our country, so it is always interesting to see comedians in other types of records.

Link to The End of Comedy on Amazon Prime Video.


Fleabag is made for you to laugh at its characters while, at the same time, empathize with the situations they go through. The genre to which this series belongs is British dramatic comedy. Throughout the two wonderful seasons we will follow Phoebe Waller and see how she is able to make us laugh, cry and suffer in equal measure. The plot revolves around the existential crisis that the protagonist suffers after losing her best friend. The most striking of this series is that it makes the viewer an accomplice by breaking the fourth wall on many occasions, pretends that we are not able to make a judgment about the actions of the protagonist.

Link to Fleabag on Amazon Prime Video.

Attack the titans

Anime is the order of the day, this genre of cartoons arriving from Japan is being consumed every time. In Amazon Prime Video we find a correct selection, although somewhat concise, the series that we are going to recommend is Attack on Titans. The argument is simple, but functional: human beings live confined in cities surrounded by walls because outside these there are titans that eat humans. The action begins after the fall of one of these walls, causing a massive exodus of humans and the death of thousands of people, including that of the mother of our protagonist. This causes the protagonist to start a revenge arc as he has sworn to eliminate each and every one of these titans.

Link to Attack on Titan on Amazon Prime Video.

The Boys

Superheroes are usually represented as beings of light, they are gods among men, and they lack flaws. What happens is that, in reality, this is not the case, these people do not stop being human and therefore have vices and deficiencies. The Boys exploits this concept and introduces us to a world where superheroes are not altruistic, they seek their personal benefit and therefore their actions put the population at risk. Due to this, a group of ordinary humans have to act as vigilantes, hunt down superheroes with reprehensible actions and prevent the appearance of new citizens with powers.

Link to The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.


It is possible that the title of this series sounds familiar to you and the truth is that it has the same name as the Coen brothers’ film. The reason for this is that its setting is in the same universe in which the film takes place. In a town where nothing ever happens, three murders have been committed and it is the duty of two policemen to investigate them, everything is diffuse and nobody is who they appear to be. It is a police series with touches of black humor and that knows how to maintain a good atmosphere throughout all its chapters.

Link to Fargo on Amazon Prime Video.

Mr. Robot

It can be difficult to define the plot of this series without revealing the main plot, but we will make an effort. The plot features a computer security engineer who plunges into the world of hackivists. It may seem like a somewhat vague description, but in reality the plot has many psychological elements that it is better not to mention in order to go with the least knowledge. It is totally recommended to those people who like the world of technology and especially hacking.

Link to Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime Video


This series is one of the humor series of our times. He drinks from big series like The Office, but at the same time maintains his own humor and with multiple references to pop culture. The plot is functional and serves as a framework for the development of all the gags or comic moments that occur throughout the series. In short, a group of students attend a community college, each character has their own identity and that marks their interaction with others and with the environment. The chapters are short, fast and when they finish they leave you wanting more.

Link to Community on Amazon Prime Video

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

It is the hour of the shots. If you know Tom Clancy, you will know that he adores the weapons and the plots of the American army or organizations like the CIA. In this series all that is present. Our protagonist is Jack, a CIA analyst, who is assigned a field mission for the first time. His inexperience in real situations means that he is in danger on many occasions, but at the same time he manages to discover more about his mission and the connection with terrorist cells that plan attacks on a global scale. It is a series that shines for its non-stop action and for the multiple moments in which you don’t know if Jack will manage to escape.

Link to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video

Tales from the Loop

The universe is vast, eternal and changeable, we are mere specks of dust within a system that could crush us at any moment. However, in our quest for knowledge we have decided to explore it in order to discover all its secrets. Broadly speaking, this is the argument of this series, “The Loop” is a machine whose purpose is to decipher and explore the mysteries of the universe. Our protagonists will use it to live ephemeral moments full of implausibility. It is a perfect series for lovers of pure science fiction.

Link to Tales from the Loop on Amazon Prime Video

The Man in the High Castle

This series based on the novel by Philip K. Dick presents a reality in which the Allies lost World War II and as a consequence Germany and Japan split up to the United States. This dystopian world is a strange vision of an event, the interesting thing is that the story progresses with outstanding fluidity. Also, the setting and aesthetics is something worth mentioning. Everything is thought out in detail so that the reality we are seeing is completely plausible.

Link to The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Video.

Bonus: Doctor Who

There are series that we have to mention yes or yes. Doctor Who is one of them, this mythical series has been broadcast for decades. In Amazon Prime Video we have available from the fifth to the tenth season. It is a shame not to have the complete series, but these seasons are the most current and being almost self-conclusive, we will not notice that we have missed anything. If you do not know the argument, I will summarize it in the fastest way: Doctor Who is a Time Lord and has a ship with which he is able to explore the universe through time and space. The adventures are diverse and in the vast majority of situations very emotional, as the Doctor is dedicated to correcting injustices and saving innocents.

Link to Doctor Who on Amazon Prime Video.

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