10 tips for the optimal job advertisement: This is how the right candidate registers

HR professionals know that the best ads attract the best candidates. Targeted job advertisements that take the requirements and search criteria from the applicant’s perspective into account are the most effective tool for recruiting qualified personnel. We therefore recommend: Put yourself in the role of the candidate. What terms would a job seeker enter to find your job posting? And: Which ad content is particularly important from a job seeker’s perspective? Here are ten tips to help you optimize your job advertisements in order to reach the right candidates.

The very first paragraph can decide whether your job advertisement will arouse the interest of the candidates at all. Therefore, start a job advertisement with a meaningful entry. Be creative, informative and as precise as possible. The following job description provides a good example of a successful entry into the text: “What our consultants need in addition to IT experience and industry insights? Unlimited passion. For truly innovative technologies. For building customer relationships. And for the exciting challenge of providing customers with the help of Microsoft To give products real added value. “

The job title is also important. He is the “eye catcher”. Precise job titles are more meaningful and achieve better results than general terms. Therefore, try to use formulations that describe the vacant position as precisely as possible and that match the search term entered by the candidate. For example, if you are looking for a marketing manager for events and sponsorship, you will reach more suitable candidates with the headline “Event Manager” than with the general wording “Marketing Manager”.

Another example: When one of our customers did not receive suitable applications for an account manager position, the job title was analyzed and optimized: by adding a word, the quality of the advertisement could be significantly increased. “Account Manager” became “Sales Account Manager”. After changing the title, the ad received 36 percent more clicks and a 42 percent increase in the so-called conversion rate. These are the clicks from which an application resulted. A remarkable result.

The job description gives you space to interest potential applicants for your company. Every company has something that makes it special! Mention these extras in the job advertisement! You can stand out from the multitude of offers, especially for profiles that are difficult to fill. Mention the small and large things that make working in your company: These can be tangible benefits, such as the company kindergarten, special payments, training opportunities or discounts for public transport, but also little things like free snacks and drinks, the central location of the company location or the opportunity to work flexibly from home.

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(Source: video2brain, trainer: Erich Buchinger)

Less is often more. Especially when looking for a job using a smartphone, candidates prefer short job descriptions with content that can be loaded quickly and easily. On the content side, a good mix of important details and essential information is therefore optimal. From a technical point of view, this means that pure text pages load faster than HTML pages. Studies in different countries have shown that there is an optimal length for job descriptions regardless of the language: Positions for which 700 to 2,000 characters have been used receive an average of 30 percent more applications. The ideal job title is 80 letters or less.

When choosing your job title, always ask yourself what terms your target group would be looking for. Free tools, such as Google Trends, can be used to compare the popularity of search terms. Unusual or supposedly creative job titles fail in most cases. If you are looking for a “Java developer”, then say so. The reason for this is also of a technical nature: Your job advertisement has the best chance of appearing at the top of a candidate’s results list if the title of your advertisement matches the entry of the job seeker.

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