10 very useful Chrome extensions for teleworking

10 very useful Chrome extensions for teleworking

Telecommuting seems to be here to stay. For better or for worse, many of us will have to learn to be able to organize ourselves on our own to maintain a constant work rhythm and avoid obnoxious distractions.

Luckily, there is a series of online tools that can help us in this work. It will be enough to open the browser that we are using to enjoy the benefits that the almost infinite extensions for Chrome offer us.

These tools allow us to customize the browser with various themes and applications that greatly enhance its capabilities. There are all kinds: entertainment, online learning, personalization, etc. But today we are going to focus on Top 10 extensions for teleworking. So we invite you to take a look at the selection we have prepared.


Session Box

We will start with Session Box, a very practical extension for those who have to manage several accounts from the same service, such as Community Managers.

It is very easy to understand and use, as the interface is quite accessible for newcomers. We just have to click on the extension and select the account we want to access. Then a new tab will open, with the points of the color that we have assigned for each of the accounts. In this way, we can locate ourselves quickly.



FlowCrypt is especially useful for maintaining certain levels of security when sending emails to a client or coworker. This extension allows creating emails with end-to-end encryption from Gmail with PGP keys.

Once you have installed and created your keys, you can send that same public key to those recipients that your choice, in the event that they did not have the extension. In fact, it will be enough to include it in the body of the message.

google documents

Offline Google documents

This extension will allow us to access Drive, to create or edit files with Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations, no need to be connected to the internet.

As you can imagine, this offline function is very useful if the telework catches you in the middle of a trip or if unfortunately you do not have internet at that time, you can continue working on your presentation or text.stayfocusd

Google Keep

Do not leave anything without aiming! With Google Keep you can write down any relevant data or date to schedule reminders later at the time you deem appropriate.

And not only that, but you can also save voice memos, scan a text using a photo, assign labels or numbers to each note to find them better, save links with images, and a long etcetera.


Zoom Scheduler

Other of the great beneficiaries of the current crisis due to COVID-19 have been the platforms for videoconferencing, among which Zoom stands out. Now, thanks to its own Chrome extension, you can easily schedule your meetings from Google Calendar.

You will create a link to join the meeting with information about it that will be sent to the Participants’ Calendar by means of an invitation to can join with just one click.

Google translator

Few presentations are necessary for who is one of the most famous Google tools without a doubt. Its iconic translator allows adapt texts in up to 103 languages different through an absurdly simple interface. We just have to write the text and hit the translation button.

Also, the extension has the option to Translate texts offline in up to 59 languages, or translation through image capture. Absolutely essential.



Qlearly is a complement that allows you to unify your favorite pages and tabs that you have open to put order in your browser. All this information will remain overturned on a virtual wall with columns and tables to work with them more comfortably.

Your version free is limited to two people per boardAlthough you can always subscribe to the payment options if you need to expand the number of boards, or in your team there are more people who need to use it.

Sesame Time

A pretty useful app and very widespread among companies lately for everything related to time control, vacation management, shifts, remote work, etc.

The Sesame Time extension is short on time, although the best known version is its application for mobile devices and PC. However, the extension has been developed precisely to simplify teleworking in these times, allowing work from home flexible hours like you’re in the office. And it’s also free.



An excellent extension for those who are easily distracted during working hours. It’s about StayFocusd, and with it can set time limits when you visit certain websites, such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, in which you invest valuable time, and you know it.

Its use is quite simple. It will be enough to add the URL of these pages to a “black list”, and then set the time limit diary to browse them. No more hours of dead watching empty content.


This extension for Chrome solves the problem of online translators for providing our writing of a correct grammatical structure.

It is not that Grammarly directly edits the text in its correct version, but that it warns of grammatical errors to while offering various options to correct that error. These fixes can be implemented in turn by blogging or on your social media or emails.

Of course, the extension is not perfect and possibly do not recognize 100% of grammatical errors, But hey, it’s something.

This is our selection of 10 most useful extensions for Chrome to help us with teleworking. What do you think? Which do you usually use? Share your own recommendations with us in the comments below.

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