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1000 Mb for 1 euro for 3 months

1000 Mb for 1 euro for 3 months

Those who are already interested in this offer, you can go through this link where you will find more information about the discount that the operator makes in its convergent proposals. Those of you who are still reading, we tell you that this is an offer that will only be Available for online contracting from July 28 to August 2, so you can’t think too much about it either.

Jesus calleja adamo flash offer

After the promotion, the prices of the rates return to their normal price, which are also very interesting, with the cost, for example, of Fibra 1000 Mb + Mobile (9GB) for 42.99 euros per month or Fibra 1000 Mb + Mobile (20GB) for 49.99 euros per month.

Is it also possible to have this discount if I only want fiber?

For those who only want the connection to their home and do not want to carry the mobile, perhaps because they still have permanence or simply do not want it, Adamo extends this promotion 3 months for 1 euro also to your Fiber Only offer, which after this period would stay at a cost of 34.99 euros per month.

And the fixed?

Well Adamo also sends this discount to its proposals in which everything is included (Fiber 1000 Mb + Fixed + Mobile). As in the previous one, the first three months will cost us 1 euro per month, and then, stay with rates such as Fiber 1000 Mb + Fixed + Mobile (9GB) for 47.99 euros per month or Fiber 1000 Mb + Fixed + Mobile (20GB) for 54.99 euros per month.

The small print, which in Adamo makes it very clear and simple

To finish, the conditions of this promotion, in which there are no more costs than what you see since all prices already have the VAT and line fee included, indicate that it is subject to stay in Adamo services for 12 months, but the registration and free installation.

It should also be noted that we are talking about a promotion that is only associated with registrations for Fiber of 1000 Mb, since the operator also offers fiber rates at 50 Mb… but who wants 50, being able to have 1000 and also cheaper?

Adamo, the fiber operator of the “giga” where it is most needed

Adamo is currently the fastest growing fiber optic operator in Spain. It aims to reach 1.5 million households by the end of 2020, establishing itself as the leading operator in rural areas, bringing a quality and speed Internet and, at the same time, development opportunities to the so-called “Empty Spain”, how to telework with a stable connection, maintain quality videoconferences to be closer to theirs who live far away, the possibility of accessing education remotely or simply watching series or enjoying online video games, among other options.

If you want to know if you can take advantage of Adamo’s offer of its Fiber of 1000 Mb at 1 euro per month the next 3 months, you can check if your coverage reaches you here. And if it’s not available, don’t hesitate to stop by its Fiberhoods, a project that gathers requests from customers who want Adamo to get high-speed fiber where it is needed.

Jesus Calleja adamo promotion

An initiative that is part of the “Reconnect” campaign, whose ambassador is the charismatic Jesús Calleja. It is enough for 30 residents of a locality to agree for Adamo to install in it the fastest optical fiber that exists today (1,000 Mbps). So you will never miss an offer as interesting as the one launched this week.

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