12 best bike cleaners [ 2020 ]

Buying guide for bike cleaners

There are many different types of cleaners on the market that can help you keep your car and tires clean and fresh. Many products promise to remove dirt and clean your rims without scrubbing. For best results, dampen the entire area with water from a heavy duty hose to loosen any dirt, then apply your chosen cleaner.

Let the cleaner work for a few minutes and then use a special brush to scrub it into the alloy and the rims. Be careful not to scratch any areas. You should then rinse the entire area thoroughly with the hose again and then wipe the alloys and rims with a microfiber cloth.

Are bike cleaners safe?

Yes, but always read the manufacturer’s advice and instructions. Most cleaners will work on all types of car tires, although some cleaners may have limitations in this regard. To make sure your cleaner is extra safe, choose an acid-free product with a balanced pH.

What is a good aluminum wheel cleaner?

Sonax (230200-755) cleaners offer an acid-free formula that is perfect as an aluminum cleaner and also has a balanced pH value. They are a safe tire cleaner for most types of tires and rims.

What’s best for cleaning alloy wheels?

There are many good types of alloy cleaners, although you can make the best formula yourself at home. Simply spray the alloys with water from a hose to remove dirt and dust, then dry them off thoroughly. Next, you can use a household cleaner of your choice, either with white vinegar, lemon juice, or a foaming oven cleaner. In addition, you can use WD40 to remove all areas of hard dirt.

Expert tip

You can make your own specialty cleaners for your car at home. Simply mix equal parts water with the household detergent of your choice and spray on the tire area. Take a sponge and pour a small amount of baking soda on it. Then rub the sponge around the rims and scrub if necessary. Rinse off to discover sparkling tires.

Did you know?

A good selection of cleaners for your tires is distilled white vinegar, the perfect natural cleaning option for your car. To clean your tires with distilled white vinegar, take a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar, spraying directly on the tire area. Let the vinegar sit for about two minutes, then scrub the area with a fine-bristled brush. Then rinse it well.

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