13 questions and answers about Radar COVID, the Government's app to combat the coronavirus

13 questions and answers about Radar COVID, the Government's app to combat the coronavirus

The Radar COVID app can now be downloaded on iOS and Android. This Government application allows us to detect positive cases of coronavirus and notify users who have been around for at least 15 minutes and in the last 15 days of performing the PCR test. This new app has created many doubts among users, especially related to privacy and data processing, but also about the operation and effectiveness of the trace. In this article we have compiled the most common questions and answers about Radar COVID.

Is the Radar Covid app effective?

Yes actually, tests have confirmed that application trace data can double to manuals, since in the manuals it is the user who must communicate with who has been in contact when it tests positive, while the application detects it automatically.

In addition, it is also having a very good reception in front of users. The pilot phase of the app showed that 78 percent of users entered the diagnostic code in the app and more than 60,000 downloads were recorded on the island of La Gomera.

Does the application already work?

The Radar COVID application is now available on iOS and Android and can now be activated. However, it is not yet operational in some autonomous communities. It is the health services of each C.A that must make their systems compatible with the application. In this way, when a patient tests positive for Covid, the system can allow the positive to be notified through a code. Of course, as long as we give consent to the health services.

It is expected to be operational throughout the country in the coming weeks.

Where can I download Radar COVID?

On iPhone, search for COVID Radar in the App Store or download it directly from here. It is also available on Android. Enter the Google Play Store and search for Radar COVID. You can also download it from here. Remember that your system has to be updated to the latest version.

How do I activate the radar from my mobile?

First, download the Radar COVID app on iOS or Android. Then, on the main screen, activate Radar COVID. Next, you must have the exposure notification activated from the settings. To do this, perform the following steps if you have an iPhone or an Android mobile.

  • On iPhone: Go to Settings> Exposure Notifications> Exposure Log. It has to be activated.
  • On Android: Go to Settings> Google> COVID-19 Exposure Notifications. Check that it is activated.

How can I know through the app if someone in my environment has tested positive for Covid?


Radar COVID app interface.

The application will send a notification to your mobile when someone who has been close to positive in a PCR test for Covid-19. In the application you can see the level of exposure, as well as some preventive measures to avoid infecting more users. Among them, isolate yourself for 14 days or call your medical center to notify that you have been in contact with a positive.

What technology do you use to know who we have been with?

It uses Bluetooth technology. Each device creates and issues a temporary exposure key number that changes periodically. This key does not include any personal information, not even the device model. The temporary exposure key is shared with other devices when they have been close (2 meters or less) and for a period of 15-20 minutes. In this way, our device saves the numerical code of nearby models in the system and vice versa.

Can the Government know where we are with this application?

Not. In fact, not even the application itself can know where you are or where you have been, since it does not use the location of the terminal, but the Bluetooth connection.

What data is shared with the Government?

None. The Government cannot obtain any personal data. Neither is the location. The information that is collected through the exposure API remains on the device, it is encrypted, it is anonymous and is only available for a period of 14 days.

Can I know who has tested positive for coronavirus from the app?

Unless the same person confirms that they have tested positive and that they have been with you for the last 14 days, through the it is impossible to know who is the person who has tested positive. The app only notifies you if you’ve been in contact with someone positive, but it doesn’t tell you who they are or when they were.

How do I report my positive case for Covid-19 in the Radar COVID app?


When the health systems of the different Autonomous Communities make the app compatible, You will only have to give your consent for them to report your exposure by Covid through a diagnostic code. You can currently manually report your positive for COVID-19. You just have to enter the app, click on the button below and enter your diagnostic number.

What happens if I refuse to activate the radar?

You are not obliged to activate the radar or download the application. However, it is highly recommended. This way you can prevent a spread of the virus.

How long is the data kept?

The data is kept for 14 days. After that time they are removed from the device.

Does the app work outside of Spain?

Unfortunately not. At least for the moment there is no international version and each country is developing its application.

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