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20 GB LTE, all-network flat rate for 18 euros – can be canceled monthly

20 GB LTE, all-network flat rate for 18 euros – can be canceled monthly

For power users who want to remain flexible, we have the right tariff offer from Mobilcom-Debitel: For only 17.99 euros per month, you get a full 20 GB of LTE data volume with up to 225 Mbit / s, an all-network and SMS flat rate – can be canceled monthly. With the VAT cut, you’ll pay even less now. GIGA has the details.

Update from 08/11/2020:

Mobilcom-Debitel continues to offer the really cheap SIM-only tariff, where you can buy 20 GB LTE-Data volume + Allnet flat (Phone & SMS) monthly regular only 17.99 euros pays. Thanks to the current VAT reduction, you will even pay a little less per month until December 31, 2020. On the supply side, Mobilcom-Debitel does not yet indicate the adjusted contributions, you can only see the reduced costs on the statement.

Mobilcom-Debitel: 20 GB LTE for 18 euros – can be canceled monthly

Tariffs with LTE data volume for less than 1 euro per gigabyte are very rare. It is all the more gratifying that Mobilcom-Debitel has started a tariff campaign that is definitely worth seeing. For only 17.99 euros per month there are plenty 20 GB LTE-Data volume with a maximum speed of 225 Mbit / s as well as an all-network and SMS flat rate. To top it all off, the tariff is also there can be canceled monthly, with a notice period of just two weeks.

All important tariff details at a glance:

  • Provider: Mobilcom-Debitel
  • Network: o2 (Telefónica)
  • Allnet-Flat in all German networks
  • SMS Flat in all German networks
  • 20 GB LTE-Data volume (225 MBit / s)
  • EU roaming included
  • Can be canceled monthly, 2 weeks notice
  • Basic fee per month: 17.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros
  • Deployment fee: 39.99 euros
  • Data automatic: no
  • Other: VoLTE and WLAN call supported

The 3G network will soon be switched off:

Who is this tariff deal for?

For everyone who needs as much LTE data volume as possible for on the go and doesn’t want to compromise on speed. For 17.99 euros a month there is a whopping 20 GB of fast LTE with up to 225 Mbit / s and everything else you need. That should be enough even for power users who want to stream music or watch a video on the go. In addition, you do not run any risk, as the tariff can be canceled on a monthly basis and the notice period is only two weeks.

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