220 million: coalition wants to promote magazines and Co.

Image: © opolja - Fotolia.com
Image: © opolja – Fotolia.com

In particular, the digital transformation of publishers is to be promoted. The previously planned promotion of newspaper delivery, however, is no longer applicable.

The coalition groups from the Union and the SPD want to support newspaper and magazine publishers in Germany with a maximum of 220 million euros in the coming years. This emerges from a draft of the parliamentary groups for the second supplementary budget 2020, which was decided on Wednesday evening in the budget committee of the Bundestag, as the CDU parliamentary group announced. The Bundestag is dealing with this today.

The draft envisages 20 million euros for this year and a total of 200 million euros in the following years. It speaks of “promoting the digital transformation of the publishing industry to promote the sales and distribution of subscription newspapers, magazines and advertising papers”. The funds are intended to help to ensure the preservation of media diversity and distribution in Germany and to strengthen journalism.

Instead, the originally planned funding of newspaper delivery of 40 million euros in 2020 should not exist. In November, the Bundestag, with the votes of the grand coalition, decided that the state should start promoting newspaper delivery. In the 2020 budget, 40 million euros were earmarked for subscription newspapers and advertising papers – magazines were not taken into account. Expenditures have been blocked until an overall concept for funding should be available. Such a concept has so far not been known.

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