3 things we would remove and 5 others we would like to see in COD: Mobile

These are the things that every amateur Call of Duty: Mobile gamer wants.

Currently, Call of Duty: Mobile is the most played video game of all on mobile phones, surpassing even PUBG and Fortnite on that platform. What differentiates this title from the others is that it has a wide variety of content that makes it very special, both in Multiplayer and in Battle Royale mode. One of the most striking features is that there are many modalities and in the BR There are a variety of weapons, classes and map areas.

However, that Call of Duty: Mobile is the most popular video game today does not mean that it is perfect, many users agree on things that should be improved or removed in the game, since some they are more unnecessary than others. That is why, below, we leave you a list of the most requested in this shooter.

Things that shouldn’t be in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile – showdown

In the first place, there are the things that should not belong to the video game, as there are sections and items that are useless because many players do not even take the time to give importance to them.

Drawers and draws

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – Boxes and draws

As usual, video games that are completely free on mobile phones, They have internal purchases. In this case, there are varieties of things you can do, like joining the battle pass or simply getting coins to spend in Drawers and draws, which are pretty much one of the things that users use the least. Well, when buying drawers and participating in raffles, the chances of obtaining any legendary rewards are very minimal, so many of the players who invest in this section, actually lose. This is why many prefer to go for the battle pass, which is where you get better things by earning experience points and completing missions.

The global chat

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – Global Chat

The global chat does not usually bring anything positive to the players, it is usually full of rivalry discussions that annoy users. Also, there are very few times when someone actually enters the chat to join a team that needs players, since in reality many prefer to press the Start button and wait for the game to randomly choose a team for them.

Too Many Weapon XP Cards

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – XP Weapon Cards

Weapon XP Cards are undoubtedly an essential part of Multiplayer mode because with them we can improve the weapons we want and thus obtain accessories to modify their characteristics. However, the game in rewards give too many cards, so many that they are not enough to spend them all and it makes it too easy to upgrade weapons.

Audio errors

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – audio functions

Since Call of Duty: Mobile was launched it has had many errors with the audios, sometimes the microphone of the partner is not heard or vice versa and it is something that they have to improve a lot. Many seasons have already passed to enhance this important function for players and offer a good communication service, since most prefer to use other platforms to communicate better during games.

Things we want to see in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile – maps

Just as there are things that should be removed, there are also several that many users wish Call of Duty: Mobile had, and without a doubt, they would improve the game a lot by making it more dynamic and entertaining. Next, we leave you the things players want most see in game.

More vehicles in the BR

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – BR vehicles

Yes there are different vehicles that we can control in the Battle Royale, but there could be more that adapt to different areasnot all have great features for getting around. Here is a list of some of the vehicles that we would like to see in this mode:

  • Helicopters with machine guns or missiles.
  • Airplane.
  • Snowmobile.
  • Flying skateboards.
  • Aerodynamic thruster points.

More modes on the BR

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – BR Match Match

The Battle Royale of Call of Duty: Mobile is very good, it has different classes to choose from, terminals to improve classes, aerial boxes and many different weapons. However, gameplay becomes repetitive over time, and many wish for new modalities in BR, such as the following:

  • Mode zombies.
  • Mode of team 5 or 6 with more players in the game, something like Warzone.
  • Mode bosses In br.
  • Mode Snipers.
  • Solo mode Shotguns.
  • Mode War.

New maps in the BR

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – BR Map

Despite the fact that the Battle Royale map is immense and has different areas, such as winter, mountains, deserts, and rivers. It would be great if they varied a bit by adding new maps to the BR, this would make many players feel comfortable and don’t get bored fast. For example, some of the maps might have a different climate or environmental theme:

  • Desert with high mountains.
  • Jungle or Forest full of many obstacles.
  • Winter with big mountains to have complicated fights.
  • Anyone who has platforms in the air.
  • Cities with large buildings.

MJ skills in BR

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – Operator Aptitude

The MJ has very cool abilities such as the Juggernaut, UAV, Explosive Localized Drone, Turrets, and many other things that would look great if they were part of the classes that the player can choose in the BR. Battles during games would be much more dynamic, full of adrenaline and actionIn fact, this could well be a mode apart from Battle Royale in which players engage in crazy combat where everyone has disastrous classes. without a doubt, it is an idea that surely many players have thought about.

Personalization system

COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile – Skin

That there are skins in Call of Duty: Mobile is incredible, in fact, being able to win new ones by ranking up in the BR is something that players love. However, it would be even more interesting if the developers allowed a customization system in which players with the skins they unlock they can add the color they want, and thus make the game more interactive and have varied and personalized designs for each of the players. This would be something very special, since for example, PUBG and Fortnite do not offer this function and it would attract much more the attention of new users.

These are just some of the things that could improve the gamePerhaps in the not too distant future we can see some great news, because we must also consider that Call of Duty: Mobile has not been even a year since it was launched, so new things will be coming to the game soon. Also, this title keep satisfying users who enter it every day, and taking into account that there are many activities divided into modalities, it is undoubtedly a good game to spend a great time hooked.

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