3 years of updates for the Surface Duo

Yesterday we learned the official launch date of the Microsoft Surface Duo, the first device of the brand to have Android. This device is not cheap at all, and its only version will cost $ 1,400. Although it is initially designed for companies, we did have doubts about its durability.

How will the Surface Duo stand the test of time? Well, apparently better than expected, or at least in regards to updates, since the company would start offering 3 years of Android updates, both at the system and security level.

The Microsoft Surface Duo will be updated 3 years

After introducing the Surface Duo and knowing its price, one of the first doubts about this product was its durability. This model hits the market with a previous generation processor, a Snapdragon 855 and a 3577 mAh battery for two screens, but what will be its durability in updates?

Microsoft has confirmed to Android Authority that the Surface Duo will have 3 years of system updates, both Android and security.

3 years for a device that costs $ 1400 can be anticipated bittersweet. It’s fine when you consider that the usual practice is 2 years, but at least it’s a good first step on Microsoft’s part.

Regarding the speed of these updates, its launch is crucial to know how Microsoft will do in this regard, since the device goes on sale next September with Android 10, making Android 11 official during the same month. Without a doubt, a litmus test for Microsoft.

A practice that little by little is becoming more frequent

For years, the usual practice of Android manufacturers has been to update their phones for two years, and at most offer a third year when it comes to security updates. Already in 2017 Google took a step forward offering three years of updates with the Pixel 2, a figure that they have maintained.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, with 3 years of updates.

During this time, we have seen how OnePlus exceeded 2 years updating the OnePlus 3 to Android 10, and last week Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10 and 20 had three years of updates.

The trend is gradually becoming more frequent, although considering the price increases, this third year is the least they could do, and given that Android updates are becoming easier to maintain, perhaps the optimal would be to go up to 4 or 5 years.

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