300 dollars and 6 months, Google launches its own "university careers"

Google wants to help you find a job with its new professional certificates: equivalent to 4 years of college in just 6 months and for $ 300.

What’s new from Google promises help you get a job in a highly qualified position, without needing to go to university. To this end, the company has launched a series of professional certifications, which the company considers equivalent to four years of university studies.

With this measure, the company plans enhance the philosophy of distance learning, which from 2020 and in the coming years will be one of the booming study modalities.

In this sense, in addition, the company intends bring higher education and jobs closer to wages in excess of $ 50,000 annually all those people who, for economic or any other reason, cannot afford to take a university degree.

Studying at Google

Google has released its own study certifications.

6-month courses equivalent to a 4-year degree

The initiative in question is part of the program Grow With Google, through which the company helps people from all over the world to try improve your professional skills or to grow your business.

These certificates come with the name of Google Career Certifications, and stand out for their reduced price: it is possible to access them paying a fee of $ 49 per month during the six months of the course.

In addition to that, Google ensures that No prior experience is required and that they are fully developed by the company. Scholarships and grants will also be offered to students. All courses will be hosted in the Coursera platform.

To start, Google has announced three different types of certifications:

  • Data analyst– This certificate helps students develop confidence by navigating the data life cycle using tools and platforms to process, analyze, visualize, and obtain information from it.

  • Project Manager: focuses on the fundamentals of traditional project management, while providing insight into agile project management.

  • UX Designer: teaches students the fundamentals of UX research and design, building low-fidelity designs and structures, creating and testing high-fidelity prototypes.

  • IT Support Specialist: It deals with the resolution of problems when it fails us, and allows us to provide customer service. IT specialists support everything from networks to operating systems, and from system administration to workplace security.

Undoubtedly the most interesting thing about these courses is the fact that the company itself value these certificates as if they were university degrees. Students will be able to post the certificates on their LinkedIn profiles or add them to their CVs, and the company itself will offer job search resources.

For the moment, Access to these professional certificates is available in the United States., and to begin with, only the IT support specialist certificate has been enabled.

We do not know if the company intends to expand the availability of this program to a greater number of regions. If so, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world has to settle for other Google education tools such as its platform for learning to program or its section of Android apps approved by teachers. The company also offers free courses on various topics under the shelter of its “Get Active” platform.

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