300 Mbps and 20 GB

This new promotion makes Lowi’s rate of 300 Mbps fiber optic have more gigs than before. Until now, the base rate with 300 Mbps fiber had a mobile line with 12 GB of data per 39.95 euros per month. With the new promotion, this rate now has 20 GB data on the mobile with the same price. Unlimited calls are also maintained.

lowi new convergent august 2020

In the event that you need more gigs, there is also the option to contract 25 GB data, where the price becomes 44.95 euros per month, where perhaps it is not so worth it now compared to the rate of 20 GB of data for 5 euros less per month; especially if we take into account the 60 GB that Lowi gives away and the fact that gigs can accumulate from one month to another.

The rest of Lowi’s convergents maintain price and conditions

In the event that you do not need so much fiber speed, the 100 Mbps is maintained with 20 GB of data and unlimited calls per 34.95 euros per month, being one of the cheapest convergent that we can find in the market.

The additional lines maintain the price and conditions, where we can add a line with 3 GB of data and calls at 0 cents per minute for 3.95 euros more per month, or a line with 20 GB of data and unlimited calls for 9, 95 euros more per month.

The promotional rate of fiber 300 Mbps and 20 GB of data by 39.95 euros per month can be hired from today until the end of september. The permanence in fiber continues being three months as up to now, using the Vodafone network to offer the fiber. Other conditions of the rates is that gigs can be shared with other Lowi customers.

More competition within the low cost

As we can see, this rate is very competitive in the current market. Operators such as O2 forced Lowi to offer more fiber speed to stay competitive, and now with this improvement they offer four times more gigs on the mobile line for only 2 euros more than O2, although in exchange for not offering fixed lines. Even the 25 GB data rate, even with 300 Mbps fiber compared to O2’s 600, still costs 5 euros less.

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