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4 audio cables with 3.5mm jack essential for every audiophile

4 audio cables with 3.5mm jack essential for every audiophile

Enjoy music without losing quality thanks to these traditional cables with Jack port.

If you are one of those who continues to enjoy music through cables, this selection interests you. We bring you some of the most recommended audio cables with the traditional 3.5 mm Jack.

Different materials, lengths and prices, but a common denominator. Transmission via cable it will prevent you from losing playback quality.

Amazon Basics Audio Cable

A cable reduces the loss of quality in transmission.

Syncwire Jack 3.5 mm (1 meter)

This cable has a polished gold plating which ensures reliability and a high transmission capacity. Your favorite songs will not lose quality.

Arrives with a soft nylon coating, you will find resistant cable and pleasant to the touch. In case you need it, you also have the possibility to buy its 2 meter version.

Gritin audio cable (1.5 meters)

Gold-plated copper fabricated connectors ensure great transmission quality. Therefore, Gritin cable uses these materials.

In addition, its double shielding will prevent all kinds of interference and its nylon coating will strong and durable. Promises a very long service life.

AmazonBasics Stereo Audio Cable (1.2 meters)

The AmazonBasics cable transmits sound in stereo format. You can easily connect it to your smartphone, tablet or MP3 and play content on speakers, even in the car.

It has a polished metal body and gold overlays that guarantee durability and a good quality of reproduction. You have at your disposal several length options.

Eono Essentials (1 meter)

The Eono cable, with two 3.5 mm male connectors, it is reinforced and gold plated to ensure the best possible reproduction and the absence of interference.

It is covered by a PVC material soft to the touch, something that also gives it flexibility. From the firm they assure that will be able to resist up to 12,000 twists.

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