4 bad habits with your mobile that you have to cut now

Surely you do some of these bad habits with your mobile. Don’t keep doing them for your own good!

Although we all know how to handle our smartphone with ease, surely – we also include ourselves – with use we have acquired bad habits. Bad habits that we should end as soon as possible because either they can be dangerous or they give the feeling that we are complete rude. Do you want to know what they are?

Be totally glued to the smartphone screen


Using the mobile when you are with another person is rude

It is true that we are increasingly using mobile phones, whether to send text messages, surf the internet, watch series and / or movies on Netflix and even play video games, but it is also true that there are some situations when it is better to leave the phone still in your pocket.

Why be checking the mobile while we are eating with family or friends, having a coffee with acquaintances or directlyIn any situation accompanied by other people, it is directly rude.

Using the phone while under the influence of alcohol


If you drink … don’t use your smartphone

For partying and having a few extra drinks, nothing happens as long as we stay in control and have a good time. The problem is when we have drunk too much and We can’t think of anything better than to start using our mobile.

Not only because we can lose it or break it, but also because of the things we can do and that surely the next morning we can regret it. Send an intelligible message to the person we like, upload a really humiliating photograph to social networks or worse, send a message to your boss insulting him. Really, don’t.

Share everything we do on social networks

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Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world

Draw attention. Many people love to post everything they do on their social networks. From your vacations, your parties to when you get up and unless one of you is an influencer with millions of followers, the truth is that we totally do not care what you do.

And eye, because also sharing everything that is done on social networks has its dangers. It would not be the first time that thieves take advantage of the knowledge that a person has gone on vacation to enter their home to steal.

Use the mobile in dangerous situations

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Using the smartphone in certain circumstances, for example when driving, is really dangerous

Beyond not using the mobile when we have drunk alcohol, there are other dangerous situations that do not recommend consulting the smartphone. According to a study, drivers who look at their mobile phones are already more dangerous than drunk drivers, so car plus smartphone is the same danger.

It is also not very advisable to walk down the street while using your mobile, not only because you can collide with another person, but also because of the danger of being run over.

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