4 good, nice and cheap ebook readers

To read where you want and when you want.

E-books are one of the great inventions of our times, since they allow us to have a reading experience similar to what we have with a lifelong book, but with the advantage of being smaller and being able to contain a large number of copies inside. Also, electronic books or eBooks are somewhat cheaper than conventional books.

Although it must be said, there are many types of e-book readers, and there are even some extremely complete ones that can work autonomously. AND we wanted to select 4 good, beautiful and cheap ebook readers so you can enjoy reading anytime, anywhere.

You should know that all the devices that we are going to recommend you have electronic ink screen, which offers a reading experience that does not tire the eyes, and that makes you able to read perfectly even if it is in direct sunlight. In fact

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is one of our favorite e-book readers, since for a contained price, it offers a world of possibilities. Its screen is electronic ink, but it has its own lighting, so if you want to read at night, this device will make it possible. Your screen is 6 inches and anti-reflective, and it also has a 4 GB internal memory and Wi-Fi to access the Amazon store.

Woxter Scriba 195

With 6 inches for its electronic ink display and a microSD card slot, this Woxter Scriba is a great option for reading all your books. It has a keypad on the bottom frame to control the device, and there are also several models in black, red, brown and blue.

SPC Dickens

Another interesting device is the SPC Dickens, an eBook reader that also has a lower keypad to control the interface, a 6-inch screen and a rubbery touch to make it pleasant to the touch. In addition, according to the company, the device has up to two months of autonomy.

Kindle Paperwhite

If you want a complete device, the Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent option that is well worth it. It’s about a Waterproof eReader with 8GB internal memory –Although there is a 32 GB version– and it also has an integrated light to be able to read at night on its screen, which also has a size of 6 inches. It even has mobile connectivity.

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