4 portable, waterproof and cheap shower radios

Do you like to sing in the shower? Then you need one of these waterproof portable radios.

If you like to listen to music anywhere even in the shower, get one of these radios for the shower that we bring you below. Ideal for singing in the shower as they are waterproof! All of them are resistant to splashes, and much more, so you will have no problem bathing and showering with them while you listen (and sing) your favorite songs.

Olafus Bluetooth Speaker

IPX7 certified, this waterproof portable speaker can be submerged in water up to one meter for 30 minutes, perfect for the bathroom, the pool and even the beach.

AGPTEK Portable Shower Radio

This FM radio that allows you to store more than 30 radio transmitters, has an LED screen that also shows the time. With its 3W speaker, delivers crisp, quality soundPerfect for listening to your favorite music while you shower.

Moosen bluetooth speaker

Waterproof, with LED display, bluetooth 5.1, FM radio, stereo sound … this ultra-portable speaker is not only perfect to take to the pool, beach or to use while taking a shower, is that it is perfect to use it anywhere that we can think of.

Guzack Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

With its fantastic sound, its long battery life, its resistance to water, its contained size and its scandalous price, this portable speaker is one of the best purchases you can make today. Compatible with any product on the market thanks to the bluetooth connection.

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