4 reading lights to forget about the Kindle and continue with the paper

Read comfortably throughout the night with these simple, lightweight lamps.

Electronic books, like Amazon’s Kindle, offer us huge libraries that we can access with a single touch. However, there are still people who prefer to read on paper as it has been done throughout their lives.

These reading lights They will allow you to continue enjoying the best stories when night falls. They are comfortable, they hardly weigh and they come with an LED system that does not harm your eyes. These are its characteristics.

YINSAN reading light

The YINSAN lamp features 3 color temperatures: warm light, cold light and a mixture of both. In addition, you can also choose between 3 intensity levels to find the best lighting. It will easily recharge via USB.

Omeril reading light

The 6 LEDs that make up the Omeril light promise to illuminate up to 3 times more traditional LEDs. You will have the possibility to choose between 3 modes of brightness and color. Also, it promises soft and respectful lighting with your eyes.

Ayotu Clip-on

Ayotu reading light features quite original design and flexible body that you can adjust to the maximum. Its LED lighting is soft, suitable for reading and will not be bothersome in the dark.

Ultnice LED Reading Light

This LED lamp emits soft warm light that will allow you to read comfortably in the dark. Will not harm your eyes and ensures long life close to 50,000 hours. Of course, it comes with a flexible and adjustable body.

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