4 tricks brands use to sell more than their rivals

Anything goes when selling a smartphone? Here we leave you a few tricks that brands use when selling their products

To sell a smartphone, you not only have to offer the consumer an excellent product, but you have to create the need that you need it. Because excellent smartphones in the market exist with kicks hence the different brands have to make us see that their products are unique.

Marketing is the essential tool for this. Apple knows it and if the bitten apple company has always been characterized by something, it is for its excellent ads and advertising campaigns, nothing to do with what these brands did, which made the four worst ads in the history of advertising . But, What are the main tricks that firms use to sell their phones? Let’s meet them.

Flash sales and brag numbers

OnePlus 8 Pro, front

OnePlus has always boasted of selling many units in a few minutes

What better way to sell a product than to boast of sales? How many times have we read that X brand has sold Y units of a smartphone in just a few minutes / days / weeks? This strategy was popularized by OnePlus and it is that not everyone can say that it has sold 144 million units in a single minute.

Another strategy is flash sales, that is, putting a limited number of units on the market. For example, on July 8 a specific phone goes on sale but the brand will only put 1,000 units for sale. In this way, hype is generated in the consumer and the brand can boast that it has sold all its units in just a few minutes.

Fake or retouched photos

Huawei P40 Pro Plus rear cameras

Cameras are very important when selling a smartphone and Huawei knows it

Today, smartphones are much more than devices for calling or sending text messages. One of the main functions of a smartphone is to take pictures hence the marks put a lot of emphasis on the photographic section of their phones to sell them to the consumer.

The last controversy was carried out by Huawei. The Chinese firm announced a photo contest in which different images were shown that had allegedly been captured using the brand’s mobile phones. The reality is that at least one of the photographs, it had been taken using a Nikon D850 DSLR camera, whose price is close to 3,000 euros.

Rigged benchmarks

Everyone has used a benchmark in their life. Although honestly we should not care about the score that a terminal gets in AuTuTu or what type of processor a smartphone has, the truth is that getting the highest score in this type of test is always good advertising for a brand.

And how do you get the highest possible score? Locking the results. It is not uncommon for a brand just before putting a phone on the market to say that it has scored 1.00,000 points on AnTuTu (made-up score) to the amazement of all consumers. Then when a user performs this same test a much lower score comes out. That is why we should ignore this type of apps and tools.

Mess with the competition

A classic. To praise my product I go with the opposite. The battles between Huawei and Samsung were epic as well as those of Xiaomi to Apple. Although we love the video that Microsoft made mocking the Apple and Android fanboys.

In short, almost anything goes when it comes to selling a product, although there are more ethical practices than others. Although a brand can offer us a very nice product, we always We recommend informing yourself before making any purchase of a mobile phone. You don’t want to be ripped off like any other.

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