4 vinyl turntables to bring you back to the retro sound

Music, like everything, has evolved a lot from a time to this part, and the physical format is losing popularity compared to the digital one. However, This does not mean that the physical format is dead, far from it. CDs and vinyl still have a lot of life ahead of them.

And in fact, if you want to give the vinyls you have at home a chance, you can still do it, since you can find a large number of vinyl record player at a good price They are going to make you can enjoy vinyls again as God commands, and here are some examples.

Natural wood turntable

A simple, elegant and versatile record player. It is made of natural wood and has a translucent top cover that gives it a retro look that attracts us a lot. In addition, it has an RCA output and headphone jack.

Prixton VC400 turntable

For its part, this turntable is a compact model, ideal to take it anywhere without being too heavy. It is available in various colors and has Bluetooth connectivity, and even with a USB through which you can also play the music you want to hear.

Viflykoo vinyl record player

A vinyl record case that has two built-in speakers, 3.5mm jack port, RCA port and minimalist look and with wood finishes that we find most interesting. In addition, it also has Bluetooth connectivity to connect the smartphone.

Souidmy vinyl record player

One of the turntables that we find most interesting, with a look that literally fits everything, and two speakers that ensure a decent sound for your music. It is a very interesting alternative and for a contained price.

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