5 adapters to use Apple CarPlay wireless in the car

cars compatible with apple carplay 2020

Apple CarPlay is Tim Cook’s company driving assistance solution. One of the great disadvantages of this system with respect to Android Auto is that it requires yes or yes of a USB cable to function. What this cable does is transmit the information from the iPhone to the vehicle’s navigation system to synchronize calls, applications and music. The good news is that There are third-party solutions that allow us to use Apple CarPlay wireless through a dongle or WiFi adapter. This time we have compiled several CarPlay compatible dongles to use CarPlay wirelessly.

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Carlinkit Wireless Dongle, Amazon’s most popular solution

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With almost 130 ratings and an average score of 3 and a half out of 5, this wireless adapter is the most popular solution within the platform. The adapter in question connects via the radio’s USB connection. After installing the manufacturer’s app (Carlinkit AutoKit) to sync data between iPhone and radio, the screen will start showing the full CarPlay interface.

It should be noted that this dongle It is only compatible with vehicles that do not include CarPlay as standard. In fact, it is only compatible with radios that have a Android version equal to or greater than Android 4.4.2. This compatibility also extends to apple devices with versions equal to or greater than iOS 7.1.

Its price? 86 euros with shipping included and direct management from Amazon.

Carlinkit Wireless Carplay Adapter 2.0, an improved version without application

As its name suggests, this is the new iteration of the Carlinkit adapter. The biggest difference of this model with respect to the previous one is that it does not depend on an external application, just connect the dongle to the radio’s USB port and access the car’s browser through an IP address provided by the manufacturer.

Another difference of the new generation has to do with the use of WiFi and Bluetooth technology to improve latency of sound reproduction. Of course, its compatibility is not full, so we recommend consulting the list of compatible vehicles and radios. Its price is 170 euros on Amazon.

CPLAY2air, the best-known CarPlay adapter on the Internet

So is. The adapter in question has a 5-star rating on the manufacturer’s website, where it accumulates more than 1,800 ratings.

The advantages of this adapter over other solutions on the market is its compatibility with relatively old cars. It is also compatible with third-party radios, such as Piooner, Alpine and Kenwood. Curiously, its operation does not differ from the other options that we have just mentioned.

Its price is 110 euros on the eponymous website. Unfortunately, it is not available on Amazon or third-party stores.

Atoto AC-WCPAA48, an economical adapter for radios with Android

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This model of Atoto comes as a platform solution compatible with both CarPlay and Android Auto. Like the Carlinkit solution, its compatibility is limited to radios with full Android. In fact, the manufacturer recommends using your own radio, which can be purchased at the brand’s own store on Amazon.

Regarding the operation of dongle, the Atoto solution replicates the Carlinkit system, by combining the use of the WiFi network and the Bluetooth connection on the iPhone. Its price on Amazon of 77 euros, with management by Amazon and distribution by Atoto.

Ohok USB, Amazon’s cheapest dongle

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So is. It is also the most basic. Still, it is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also supports the use of Siri through the integrated microphone.

These are all Apple CarPlay compatible cars in 2020

Like the rest of adapters, its use is limited to vehicles without the standard Apple system. In fact, it can only be used by radio devices with a full Android version equal to or greater than Android 4.o. As for the devices on the block, compatibility is limited to iOS 8 or higher and iPhone 5 onwards.

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