5 affordable 128GB smartphones

Smartphones have evolved in recent years in all aspects, that’s a fact. If we decide to acquire a new device, we will find a wide variety of options in the Spanish market. Whether by screen, processor, photography or phone storage.

Especially in storage, one of the aspects that many do not give the importance that it has, there has been a great evolution. In parallel, the weight of the applications, the size of the photographs or videos that we take with our smartphone have also been increasing.

Storage important in the long term

So when choosing a new device we should give storage the importance it has. Especially if we think long-term, since today we may have 32 GB of memory to spare … however, tomorrow this may be insufficient.

Storage important in the long term

And although we have the option of increasing the storage using a memory card, it is a half solution. As many applications do not allow us to use this memory, so we will continue with our storage problem.

Thinking about it, we have decided to make a selection of the 5 best 128 GB smartphones located below 300 euros. Taking into account that the minimum recommended today is 64 GBDoubling this amount will guarantee that we will not worry for a long time.

No one gives more for less: realme 6i

We start with the cheapest option of all, the new realme 6i. A device that wants demonstrate that it can be affordable and offer a set of guarantees. And of course there are plenty of arguments for this, positioning itself as a balanced option without any notable absence.

Don't run out of storage: 5 affordable 128GB smartphones

Together to the 4GB of RAM and their 128 GB of storagewe will find a Helium G80. One of the latest Mediatek processors to offer solvent gaming-included performance at an affordable price. In addition to providing energy efficiency that makes a great match with the 5000 mAh from its battery.

As if this were not enough, we have 20W fast charge. Wide connectivity, in which we will find NFC. And a varied photographic section thanks to its four sensors, which will allow us to be prepared for almost any scenario. Below € 200 nobody gives so much hardware for so little.

realme 6i @ 4 GB + 128 GB for approximately € 165

An almost round smartphone: OPPO A9 2020

Our next recommendation comes from OPPO, realme’s older cousin so to speak. The new OPPO A9 2020 is one of those smartphones that They offer an almost round set, but without being altogether. What does not prevent it from being a great option.

Don't run out of storage: 5 affordable 128GB smartphones

We are facing a device that puts several differentiating elements on the table, which somehow make it unique in its range. Proof of this is his 5000 mAh battery which includes the option of reverse charge, so we can use the phone as a powerbank.

Another of those little details, we find it in the stereo sound presence. Without forgetting the broad connectivity or the creditworthiness of Snapdragon 665 that lives inside. Does not include fast charge or a greater photographic variety. But what it offers us, it does at a high level of quality, for approximately 200 euros.

OPPO A9 2020 @ 4 GB + 128 GB for approximately € 190

Power and storage galore: realme 6

We keep going through our selection and come to one of those devices that can be recommended almost with your eyes closed. We are talking about the new realme 6, a smartphone that restrained price offers a great level in almost every respect.

Don't run out of storage: 5 affordable 128GB smartphones

If we have to describe it with one word, that would be speed. Something that is present in its excellent performance, thanks to the set that make the Helium 90GT Together with the 4GB of RAM and the 128 GB of storage. But it is not alone there, since it has the 30W ultra fast charge.

This, together with a 4300 mAh battery, offers more than solvent autonomy. And precisely, solvent is its photographic section, with a wide variety of sensors in which its 64 megapixel main sensor. So for less than 250 euros, it is positioned as the great recommendation.