5 characteristics that you should consider when buying a Lenovo laptop

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Choosing a laptop today is more complex than ever due to the number of options that exist in the market. This is the case of Lenovo, which has no less than seven ranges of laptops. And it is that although there is no common denominator that helps us choose a good laptop, the presence of certain components will ensure, to a greater or lesser extent, have a team according to our demands, as we will see below. This time we have created a roadmap with several of the characteristics that we must take into account when buying a laptop from the Asian manufacturer.

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Most importantly, the laptop range

As we just mentioned, Lenovo has seven product ranges within its laptop catalog: ThinkPad, ThinkBook, Yoga, IdeaPad, Legion, Lenovo and Chromebook. Each of these ranges is designed to meet the needs of a user niche.

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Lenovo Legion, a laptop designed for gaming users.

For example, the Legion range is aimed at gamer users, while the ThinkPad range is intended for professional users. The ThinkBook series, for its part, consists of thin computers with an above-average battery life. Something similar happens with Yoga laptops, although in this case we find convertible computers, that is, with a 360º folding touch screen. As for the IdeaPad and Lenovo laptops, the company’s goal is to meet the most basic needs of users without sacrificing power or expandability.

Within all these ranges we can find Chromebook equipment, that is, computers with Chrome OS as standard, nothing Windows 10 or Linux. It is an operating system designed by Google that uses Android and Internet applications to function. Of course, the use of this type of device is very basic due to the very nature of the operating system.

The range and type of processor

Intel or AMD? AMD or Intel? Beyond the differences between brands, the truth is that there are different ranges within each company. The first thing we will have to take into account is the generation of the processor, that is, its age. Actually, the latest series from AMD and Intel correspond to the Ryzen 4000 and Intel 10000 processors. Below we find the Ryzen 3000 and the Intel 8000 and 9000.

On this basis, the next thing we will have to take into account is the range of the processor. In Intel we can find the Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and i9, while in AMD we find the AMD Ryzen 3, 5 and 7: the higher the numbering, the higher the computing power, or at least in theory. And it is that within each range of processor we can find different types of series, which are differentiated by capital letters: U, low performance, H, high performance, and HQ, very high performance. Obviously, the higher the power, the less autonomy.

The type of storage can make a difference

So is. The fastest type of storage today is based on SSD memories. This kind of memories can get to multiply by 30 the performance offered by conventional hard drives, that is, mechanical hard drives.

New Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga X1 Carbon interior arrive

Lenovo ThinkPad, designed for professionals with specific needs.

Choosing a laptop with a good SSD can make the difference between having a good user experience and having endless waiting times. Power on your computer in seconds, open heavy programs in the blink of an eye or copy large files in minutes. These are some of the advantages that an SSD brings to a computer.

Charts: Integrated vs Dedicated

If we are going to allocate part of the use of the laptop to playing games with 3D graphics, opting for a dedicated graphics card is the most recommended if we want to obtain a performance according to our needs. The two biggest manufacturers of graphics cards are AMD and Nvidia. On Lenovo computers, the normal thing is to find graphics from the second manufacturer, since they usually have a higher power than AMD graphics.

Within the Nvidia catalog we can find a multitude of models. The ideal thing to start in the world of gaming is to choose a card from the GTX or RTX series, since the MX series is intended for the consumption and creation of multimedia content. If our needs are more basic, we can opt for a laptop with an integrated graphics card, such as the UHD from Intel or the R from AMD. Ironically, AMD’s models offer higher performance than Intel’s.

The amount of RAM memory determines the future of our computer

Little by little, the needs of operating systems are getting bigger and bigger. At the resource level, the demands over the years are increasing, both in programs and in the systems themselves. And opting for a laptop with insufficient RAM memory can mark the future of the computer when it comes to upgrades.

Today, RAM standard is 8GB if we are going to make a simple use of the equipment. Anything less than this number will lead to performance problems in the long run. After all, the RAM memory houses all the programs that run on the processor, as well as the processes necessary for the proper functioning of the computer. The greater the amount of RAM, the greater the number of processes and programs that we can execute at the same time.

The good news is that most Lenovo laptops support RAM upgrade, so we can install an additional module if we wish in the future.

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