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5 cheap electric car rental services to travel this summer

5 cheap electric car rental services to travel this summer

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Summer is here, and with it, the summer holidays. Given the different measures encouraged by the Autonomous Communities for the coronavirus, the most profitable and efficient way to move freely without fear of getting infected is through renting vehicles within a certain area. If we add to this the limitations of some cities in terms of circulation due to CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, renting an electric car is recommended if we do not want to suffer any unforeseen events during the holidays. Within this market there are many options. This time we have compiled several of the cheapest electric car rental services for traveling in summer.

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SIXT, with three electric models in its fleet

The popular group has a rental option focused on sustainable mobility. As of today, the company only has two fully electric models, the BMW i3, with an estimated range of 300 kilometers, and the Jaguar I-PACE, with a range of 468 kilometers. It also has a somewhat broader fleet of hybrid vehicles, so we can play with different types of vehicles if we are going to move between different Autonomous Communities. Yes, the distribution of electric cars is limited only to Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca.

AVIS with the Renault ZOE

5 electric and cheap car rental services to travel this summer 1

One of the largest groups in the world. Like SIXT, the company has a small fleet of electric vehicles, which can be picked up at different points in Madrid to travel to any point on the peninsula as long as we find enough recharging points. Unfortunately, its fleet is limited to a single model, the Renault ZOE. In other words, the maximum range of travel is only 257 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 135 kilometers per hour.

WattACars for all-electric and hybrid cars only

As its name suggests, it is a rental company focused exclusively on sustainable mobility with electric cars, hybrid cars and plug-in hybrid cars. In fact, it has a multitude of models adapted to any type of mobility. Tesla Model X, Renault ZOE 40, Nissan Leaf 30, Audi e-Tron, Tesla Model S... Only in Spain, the company has several points spread throughout the peninsula, including Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

ZITY to move around Madrid (or Paris)

zity madrid car

This service focuses solely on Madrid city and its surroundings. It also has a presence in Paris, making it an ideal option if we are going to move only within cities. The interesting thing about ZITY is that we can leave the areas enabled by the Stand by mode service by making stops in other cities whenever the autonomy of the vehicle allows it. The fleet, by the way, is based on the only car model, the Renault ZOE.

SocialCar, a private rental platform

5 cheap electric car rental services to travel this summer 2

It is a service of electric car rental to use, but a platform that brings together different advertisements from individuals in which it is possible to rent vehicles on a personal basis. By its nature, the platform allows us to filter between different types of cars. In fact, the website has several Tesla brand vehicles, among which are the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S. Of course, hiring is subject to the individual’s own will, so you are free to decide whether or not we are suitable to rent your vehicle.

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