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5 free applications to invest in the stock market and follow the market

5 free applications to invest in the stock market and follow the market

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If you are an expert or want to delve into this exciting world, download these apps that we recommend below.

Making money working is what most of us do, but others make a living on the stock market and investing money. And how could it be otherwise, in the Google application store there are many stock apps for both beginners and experts, so we have decided to select some of the most popular.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance

Com Yahoo Finance, following the stock market news is a piece of cake

One of the most popular and best-rated smartphone apps in the Google app store. With Yahoo Finance we can follow the actions that interest us the most as well as get personalized news and alerts. Yahoo Finance offers us stock information in real time as well as updates on everything that happens in the markets.

Trading 212 – Stocks, ETFs, Forex, Gold

According to its creators, the app has almost half a million users. An app with an excellent score in the Play Store and that allows us to access financial markets around the world without commissions. The most interesting thing that also offers the possibility to start with a free training account, to warm up with virtual money before starting with the serious.

The IBEX35 Stock Exchange


Follow the Spanish Stock Market in detail with this app

If in changes you are one of those who want to follow the Spanish Stock Market in detail, this app will be your best ally. It will allow us to follow the status of the Spanish Stock Market in a simple and effective way., managing our portfolio thanks to charts, stock lists and outstanding news.

eToro: Social Trading

Surely you will be tired of seeing eToro ads on YouTube but the truth is that it is one of the most complete apps to invest in the stock market. The idea behind eToro is to create a community made up of knowledgeable and expert investors. In this way, we can access said information and “copy” the movements of these experts. A seamless plan.



If you are inexperienced in the stock market, DEGIRO will help you in your first steps

DEGIRO is one of those apps whose objective is inexperienced people. In this way they allow them to offer their services to both professionals and individuals. With this app, we will have easy access to our portfolio, being able to operate in stocks, ETFS, investment funds, futures and many more from anywhere.

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