5 free games for Android that you should try and did not know

If you have an Android mobile, do not miss the opportunity to try these five games that you probably will not know.

Google Play Store It has a large number of games and applications of all kinds and colors, as is the case of that app that allows you create your own deepfakes or Awkward Relief, a game that consists of going to the bathroom without being seen. But there is also room for a large number of titles that are little or nothing known and what do you have to prove, like this five games that we present below.

Since action titles and fights, even fighting games or driving. These are the five games available for little-known Android devices that you must try and that, with almost total security, will catch you for hours. In the Google app store there are also many more games that have not entered this list, and that we will announce soon. Even some of these games are also available for iOS devices.

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The best Android games

These are the five Android games that you should try and that you probably won’t know.

Below you can see the list of five games you should try that you probably won’t know. A list that includes titles such as Johnny Trigger, Final Fighter or The Last Stand: Zombie Survival with Battle Royale, among others.

These are the 5 little-known Android games that you have to try

Johnny Trigger

The first of them is Johnny Trigger, an action game created by SayGames that does not require an Internet connection and in which the players must destroy the mafia. A title in which the character moves alone and in which the player only has to shoot, but it is more complicated than it seems, since you have to pull the trigger at the right time to avoid wasting ammunition that you may need later. Johnny Trigger can be downloaded and installed completely free from the Google Play Store, although it has in-game purchases.

Mini Cars Driving

Mini Cars Driving is a new type of game in the genre of endless 3D arcade racing with a minimalist design and in which players have the opportunity to conquer the vast expanses of the desert, set up a neighbor’s farm and even visit the moon. The objective of this title is none other than collect coins along the wayBuy new cars and cards to increase car speed and control, as well as finish highest in the race.

Gravity Rider Zero

Following the path of Gravity Rider, comes Gravity Rider Zero, a new motorcycle racing experience. A completely free downloadable game in which players will have to show their skill when balance on a motorcycle, overcome obstacles and discover new mechanics and tests to overcome in each level. Without a doubt, this is a really addictive game that you should try both if you have an Android smartphone or if you have an iPhone.

The Last Stand: Zombie Survival

The Last Stand: Zombie Survival is a mobile online PvP shooting game that features a Battle Royale mode. Players must land and collide in battle, destroying their enemies without prolonged training thanks to some intuitive and convenient controls. On the battlefield, users will have a large arsenal of weapons and must use all their skills to defeat enemies. You can even customize the character and play with friends.

Final Fighter

Final FighterAs its name suggests, it is a fighting game that requires an Internet connection. A title reminiscent of other classics, such as Street Fighter or Tekken, in which the players must kill all the fighters (there are a large number of characters of all kinds) one by one. It also has a 3 versus 3 mode with friends and the possibility of doing one-on-one training to master the art of fighting.

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