5 good bluetooth controls fully compatible with your Android

Controls to get the most out of your smartphone.

Playing with mobile is one thing that has become more common, mainly because smartphones have become more powerful, and this enables higher graphics performance. However, it is always wise to use a controller to enhance the experience.

And, the touch controls are fine for simple arcade games, but not for first-person shooters. Today, we teach you 5 Bluetooth controllers compatible with Android and that will greatly improve the experience you have when playing on mobile.

Maegoo knob

Compatible with Android, Windows, PS3 and Smart TV, it has a button scheme similar to that of Xbox and also mounts dual motors with feedback function. Also, it has its own application to use a function called ShootingPlus V3.

Razer Kishi

The Razer Kishi is one of the most premium controllers you can buy to play on your smartphone. It has high quality finishes and a USB Type-C charging connection and it allows you to dock your smartphone on the remote control, without the need to use a support.

PowerLead knob

A controller made by PowerLead with a button scheme similar to that of PlayStation, with an autonomy of 10 hours and which has a non-slip texture that will make you have no problem when it comes to grabbing it when playing.

Zacro command

In this case we have a Zacro remote control, which works via Bluetooth, but does not have support for the mobile. It is simple, simple and with a very elegant aesthetic in black and red. A simple option that seems quite interesting to us.

Mcbazel knob

If what you want is to have an immersive experience, this controller, like the one from Razer, will allow you to do it. Just enter your terminal, Pair via Bluetooth connection and start playing.

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