5 good walkie talkies to talk remotely without worrying about a thing

Because a smartphone is not always the best tool to communicate.

Our smartphones allow us to be continuously connected, but what happens when we don’t have internet or coverage? There are times when we might need something else, like a walkie talkie.

There is a great variety of models, so we have tried to collect some of the best cheap walkie talkies you can buy. We tell you all its characteristics and virtues.

Motorola Walkie Talkie T50

The Motorola walkie talkie features an LCD screen which will show the battery level. Its range reaches up to 6 kilometers, you will have no problem talking at a long distance. You can also use it as a baby monitor, since it has an auto-off and timer system.

Walkie Talkie OWSOO

OWSOO’s device arrives with a long reach, up to 8 kilometers depending on the terrain. It also has a noise reduction system that will improve the quality of calls. Its battery is also not far behind, promises about 8 hours of communication, about 72 hours on standby.

Retevis RT5R

You will have the possibility to use this Retevis RT5R not only as a walkie talkie, also as FM radio. To avoid interference, you can significantly reduce background noise. Also, is capable of reaching 14 hours of autonomy, much more with the help of energy saving mode.

CACAGOO Walkie Talkie

With a 5 kilometer maximum range and noise reduction technology, the CACAGOO walkie talkie promises good sound quality and adjustable volume. Thanks to its battery you can talk for about 8 hours.

Motorola Talkabout T82 Extrem

This Talkabout T82 Extrem arrives with IPX4 certification, it will be protected against inclement weather, shocks and splashes. It has been designed for the most adventurous, for routes through the mountains and camping. Therefore it also has an integrated LED flashlight and a long range of 10 kilometers.

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