5 new things that your Android mobile can do from today

Starting today, 80% of Android phones can do 5 new things that they couldn’t before. And no need to update your software!

We care so much about Android updates that we sometimes forget that Google has the ability to bring new features to all Android phones no need to update your software.

And that is precisely what the company has decided to do, because from today 80% of Android phones can do 5 new things that they couldn’t before.

New Android Features

Google has brought five new features to 80% of the world’s Android mobiles without the need to update their software.

1. Detect earthquakes

As of now, millions of Android mobiles around the world work as pocket seismographs, being capable of detect earthquakes and warn users before they occur.

For this, the terminals make use of their accelerometers and they check if the vibrations detected coincide with those of previous tremors. This feature will be available in any android with a version from 5.0 Lollipop.

2. Help you sleep better

Thanks to the news that comes to the Google clock app, your Android mobile will now helps you sleep better thanks to the possibility of defining our sleep schedule and obtaining statistics on our use of the terminal in those hours.

During that time, moreover, interruptions will stop to prevent notifications from disturbing our sleep. There is also a new animation that will wake us up in a more pleasant way 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.

3. Be more useful in emergency situations

Thanks to ELS tools –Emergency Location Services–, the Android mobiles of more than 800 million people in 29 countries will be most useful in emergency situations.

And is that the terminals will be able to share the language in which the system is configured with local emergency phone numbers, so operators know in which language to contact us when offering assistance when needed.

4. Help you be more productive in the car

Android Auto is now even more useful. The vehicle OS version now allows show a summary of our day on the initial screen thanks to the information obtained from the mobile calendar.

With this novelty, it is possible to touch on an event to obtain the directions with which to get to the place where it will take place. The possibility of modify Android Auto settings from the car screen, without having to resort to mobile.

5. Make the “real world” more accessible

With Lookout, the Google app that uses “computer vision” to help people with low vision, it is now possible make the real world a more accessible place for everyone.

Now, the app is capable of scan long documents and transform them into readable text, as well as identifying products based on their nutritional labels. The app is available on any mobile with a version from 6.0 Marshmallow.

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