5 OLED teles on offer for less than 2000 euros

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If you feel that it is time to renew your television and you have decided to opt for one with OLED technology, you have come to the right place. On this occasion, we are going to show you five OLED TVs that you can get on offer for less than 2000 euros. So you can get the best image at an opportunity price and thus be able to enjoy serial evenings and cinemas like no one else.


This LG TV with 55-inch OLED and 4K technology and compatible with the Alexa smart assistant has a price of 1359 euros. Its original price was 1,400 euros, so we would be saving about 40 euros. This television has α7 gen smart processor. 2 12-bit with integrated Deep Learning. Thanks to OLED technology its blacks are pure and it is compatible with 100 & HDR formats. It is also accompanied by surround sound Dolby Atmos 360º 40 W. As for its connectivity, we have 4 HDMI inputs, 3 USB, one optical audio output, for minijack headphones, LAN input, Bluetooth and WiFi (802.11 ac) .

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5 OLED teles on offer for less than 2000 euros 1

Another 55-inch TV with 4K resolution to add to the list. And, again, with the appropriate technology to see the movies as if we were in the cinema, or at least that’s what the brand itself says. Pure blacks, more vibrant colors and a brighter screen to offer a good audiovisual experience thanks to the new Alpha 9 smart processor 14 bit. We will have Dolby Atmos, it is compatible with 100% of HDR formats. This TV is priced at 1,800 euros.

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Grundig 55 VLO

Grundig 55 VLO 9895 BP

Is it possible to buy a television with OLED technology and that costs 1,000 euros? it’s possible. It’s about a 55-inch Grundig brand gear 4K UHD with OLED technology, Magic Fidelity Pro Sound with a 3-way stereo speaker system, and built-in woofer to enjoy series and movie sound, cloud connection, and Alexa support (though the article comments on Amazon leave a lot to be wish in relation to this). The main drawback of this TV, and that is why it is so inexpensive, is that you cannot natively enjoy applications such as Netflix or other streaming services. But you just have to dock a Chromecast or an Android TV and that’s it.

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Hisense Oled TV H5508B


That 55-inch TV has a very attractive slim design whose screen also lacks frames, which is a very immersive experience. As the screen is OLED, pure blacks are again the protagonists of the function, since they give depth, contrast and definition to the rest of the colors. It supports Dolby Vision HDR10 technology+ to accentuate detail in darker scenes. At Carrefour we can buy it for 1,300 euros.

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Philips 55OLED754 / 12

5 OLED teles on offer for less than 2000 euros 2

And we end with a Media Markt offer: a Philips brand TV with 55-inch OLED technology. UHD 4K, with QuadCore P5 processor that optimizes the image so that it always reflects the most adequate, DTS and Dolby Atmos sound with 40W, of power and adjustable ambient light to create a pleasant and immersive atmosphere, as it will change depending on the content you are watching.

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