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In the heat of one cannot always use and enjoy air conditioning equipment. In a home the conditions are not always the most ideal, in the sense that we have to manage with a fan. Or two, or three, as appropriate. Fans remove air and they offer us a pleasant thermal sensation. Of course, its blades cannot grant any truce.

In the market we can find fans of many types and prices. They are standing up, to be placed on a table or shelf. We also find them vertical, without blades (ideal for children and pets) or ceiling. All of them will relieve us of the heat now and the rest of the summer. Do you want to discover what options and alternatives you have?

We have located five cheap fans so as not to continue suffering in this heat wave. You have them all for sale online for less than 150 euros. Look at them!


1. Rowenta Mosquito Silence VU6410: a standing fan

A standing fan can be very practical for offer us freshness while sitting at the table, on the terrace or in any other space where our position is a little higher. An important issue: the noise level. If you’re going to sit watching TV, be sure to find a fan that isn’t too loud. The Rowenta Mosquito Silence VU610 is a good option. You will see that there are different models and one is especially quiet (45 decibels). It has the advantage of being anti-mosquito, it has five blades and four speeds to choose from. Its anti-mosquito efficacy lasts 60 days.

To manage it, you can easily do it remotely. It has an electronic panel and a very comfortable remote control, from which you can control the orientation of the grid and the oscillation. In addition, you can connect almost any anti-mosquito device, since it is compatible with most brands on the market. You will have to buy it separately every time it runs out and also on the first purchase. It costs 100 euros on Amazon.

bladeless fan

2. Acoolir: a tower fan without blades

The fans that we can find on the market today do not pose any danger, in the sense that they are designed so that neither children nor animals in the house can harm themselves by putting their fingers or paws in their blades. In any case, it is clear that one always remains calmer buying a fan without blades. Acoolir’s is a good option, because it is tower and works without blades. It offers a pleasant air flow and hardly emits noise: 25 decibels, maximum.

The advantage of this Acoolir, in addition to those mentioned, is that it expels the most concentrated air, thanks to Air Multiplier technology. All functions can be controlled by remote control, so it will be super practical whether you are lying on the sofa or in bed. You can buy it for 127 euros.

Cheap fans for the heat wave: 5 options for less than 150 euros 1

3. Orbergozo CP 88105: a ceiling fan

There are times of the day when air conditioning can be harmful. One of them, the night. Sleeping with air conditioning can dry out the throat and cause respiratory problems, as long as it is not at the right temperature. Another big problem is consumption, which can skyrocket the electricity bill. A highly recommended option are ceiling fans.

Installed on the bed they are perfect for offer us a most pleasant feeling overnight. Although we can also choose them in the kitchen or in the dining room, especially if they are not noisy. This one from Orbergozo is a good option, which you have for sale for 112 euros. It has light, remote control and a motor with 70W of power. It can offer up to three ventilation speeds, which we will adjust according to the needs or the heat level.

Cheap fans for the heat wave: 5 options for less than 150 euros 2

4. Cecotec EnergySilence 890: a slim tower

We have another interesting fan for aesthetics maniacs. Do you want a fan that doesn’t look like a fan and is also cheap? Well, here is the Cecotec EnergySilence 890, which you have for sale through Amazon for 40 euros, although if you prefer a device with a larger size, it will be a little more expensive. Be that as it may, you should know that it offers fresh air instantly and an intelligent control system (SmartControl) through a remote control and LCD screen.

It has three modes to generate air (Breeze, Eco and Night), each with a different power and noise level. It consists of a programmable timer up to 7.5 hours, which is undoubtedly perfect for the night. In this way, you can enjoy fresh air during the hottest hours of the night. Judging by its price, which is only 39 euros, we cannot guarantee that this is a super quiet fan. In fact, 62 decibels are specified in the product data sheet on the manufacturer’s website, which would be much more than other fans that we do recommend as silent. A detail to keep in mind.


5. Black & Decker: a professional and powerful fan

And we finish this selection of fans perfect to successfully overcome this heat wave with a Black & Decker, a practically professional fan, with a classic industrial design, which can operate from the ground thanks to its three support points. In fact, it is perfect to use while we are reading in the armchair or watching television, on the sofa. You can buy it in two different models, that are distinguished according to the power: 60W and 120W. The price difference is not too significant, so if you want fresh air to the fullest, it would be best to choose the second one.

You can easily move it to any room in the house and also orient it as you need. The maximum air flow is 77.72 m3 / h, adjustable up to three powers, depending on your needs at the time. It consists of three aluminum blades, which give it a robust architecture. You can get him for 88 euros, if you choose the 120W option or for 65 euros, if you finally opt for the 60W model.

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