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5 options for less than 200 euros

5 options for less than 200 euros

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The heat wave that crosses our country seems to have no end. Meanwhile, the various electronic stores advertise dozens of offers for portable air conditioners. The advantage of this type of apparatus compared to traditional options is that it does not require installation, with the consequent savings that this entails. To this we must add the possibility of transporting the device to any room in the house. But the biggest advantage is surely the economic one; in the end, a portable air conditioner is cheaper than a conventional one. For this reason we have collected several models for less than 200 euros on the market.

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EQUATION Basic3, for only 189 euros

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One of the cheapest EQUATION portable air conditioners. The Basic3 model has 1,700 fridges and a cooling capacity of 2,000 W with energy class A. The maximum sound level of the device is 65 decibels, although it has a fan mode that Helps reduce noise emitted to be quieter. Of course, the surface range recommended by the manufacturer is only 15 square meters, something just if we are looking to cool larger rooms. Its price is 189 euros in Leroy Merlin.

EQUATION Mini FIRST, for 169 euros

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Within the same brand we find another cheaper model, the Mini FIRST. The design of this model is practically identical to the previous one, except for the size and power, which is now reduced to 1,200 fridges. The maximum cooling area is also reduced to 10 square meters.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not indicated the temperature range, so we cannot know the maximum temperatures allowed by the device. Its price is 169 euros in the same Leroy Merlin store.

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Ikohs Silkair Home, for 180 euros

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The Silkair model arrives with a gross power of 780 W and a power of 7,000 BTu per hour. It has a maximum cooling capacity of 20 square meters and a working temperature from 7 to 35º C.

In addition to having a washable filter, it has a dehumidifier mode that allows rooms to be conditioned without resorting to an external dehumidifier. It also has a silent mode that helps you reduce noise, with peaks ranging from 53 to 65 decibels. It costs only 18o euros in the Ikohs store.

Comfee Mobile 7000, for 199 euros in LIDL

This Comfee model comes with a power of 755 W and a cooling capacity of 7,000 BTu per hour and 1,750 fridges, which makes it ideal for rooms of 25 square meters, according to the brand itself. The temperature range of the appliance ranges from 17 to 35º C. It also has a night mode that optimizes consumption and has a timer with up to 24 hours.

In addition to having efficiency class A, the maximum sound intensity of the section is 63 decibels. Its price in LIDL is 199 euros. Of course, it is only available in the online store.

Exceline EX-AC7-2, for 190 euros

2020 quiet cheap portable air conditioner 3

We came to the last option with this Exceline portable air conditioner, the EX-AC7-2. It has a cooling capacity of 7,000 BTu per hour and an air flow of 300 square meters per hour. In addition to having an integrated dehumidifier, it has two programmable speeds and a noise level of 65 decibels. Its price is 190 euros and can be purchased at the Electrodepot store.

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