5 TikTok effects you should use in your posts to attract likes

5 TikTok effects that you should use in your posts to attract likes 1

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular applications on Android and iOS, and it’s no wonder. The video social network accumulates millions of users for its mechanics so different from the rest. Creators can dance, chat or show 15 or 60 second clips with their followers, and users can challenge or create different content to get visits, likes and followers. Do you want to succeed even more on TikTok? I show you 5 effects that you should use in your posts to attract loves or likes.

How can I apply a TikTok effect? If you are reading this from your mobile, you just have to click on the link of the effect, which will appear after its description. If you have TikTok installed on your mobile, the effect will open in the application. Finally, click on the video icon that will appear at the bottom. Although it is unlikely, perhaps some effect will not work for you because the camera or the characteristics of your mobile are not compatible.

Green Screen, a classic that gives a lot of play


One of the most used filters on TikTok, with more than 7 million videos. The reason? It gives many possibilities to make videos. The green screen does the same function as a chroma: put a green background so that we can add an image or a video from our gallery and be able to record ourselves in real time. So we can comment on a video or show something and show our face. Or, create a background through an image and interpret something.

You can apply the Green Screen effect here.

Always Smiling, the effect that causes a sensation in TikTok

This filter is currently one of the most popular and viral in all of TikTok. What it does is add a false smile to your face, but the truth is that on many occasions it looks very, very real. It can be a very fun effect if you know how to use it. For example, a viral ‘challenge’ is to stand next to a mirror to compare your serious face with your happy face because of the filter. But you can also use it and focus on an angry person to create a fun contrast. Of course, as long as the person is not even more angry!

You can use the Always Smiling filter here.

Stable face


An effect with more than 1 million videos. This filter transforms your face with a square and wider shape. In people it produces a very interesting effect, and can be used to play a character. In most cases sad. The filter works automatically, detecting our face.

You can download it here.

Face time

Do you want to make a video where it looks like you are making a video call? Then you must use the Face Time effect. As its name suggests, it converts the mobile screen as if it were a video call, with the camera buttons, hang up call and more.

You can download the filter here.

Shake effect to make the popular ‘Shaaakeee’


At TikTok you can expect everything, also a ‘Shaaakeee’. This word is usually said when the video is completely contrary to what was described at the beginning. The ‘Shake’ is accompanied by a camera shake, and is achieved with this effect that already has 1 million videos. You just have to record a part of the video, pause, use the effect, deactivate it again, and record again. As simple as that.

You can download the effect here.

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