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5 types of cheap air conditioning for this summer of 2020

5 types of cheap air conditioning for this summer of 2020

cheap air conditioner 2020

The heat wave that Spain is going through right now is raising mercury to unsustainable levels. Between May and July, users’ interest in air conditioners on the Internet it has increased more than 80%, according to data extracted from Google Trends. Closely followed is the search term baratos cheap air conditioners ’, with over 60% growth in the last month.

It is a fact, air conditioning is still the most sought-after product in summer. Unfortunately, the price of this type of device is not exactly cheap. To this you have to add the price of the installation, which in many cases exceeds the price of the device itself. This time we have made a compilation with several types of cheap air conditioning to pass the heat wave.

Cheap portable air conditioning: 5 options for less than 200 euros

Comfee Mobile 7000, the best portable air conditioning quality / price ratio

If portable air conditioning devices are characterized by anything, it is because of their lower price compared to conventional air devices and their versatility, as they can be transported anywhere in the house. Within this niche market, the LIDL Comfee Mobile 7000 is one of the best options, both for price and for added technical features and functions.

On the one hand, the device has a 7,000 BTu per hour cooling capacity, with an average power of 1,750 fridges. In addition to incorporating a timer with up to 24 hours of programming, the machine complies with the energy certification A. Capable of offering a minimum temperature of 17º C and a maximum of 35º C, the maximum cooling surface of the Comfee Mobile 7000 is 25 meters squares. Its price is 199 euros in the LIDL online store, a much lower value than conventional devices.

Becken BAC4200, the cheapest wall mounted air conditioner you can buy in 2020

5 types of cheap air conditioning for this summer of 2020 1

So is. The price of the Becken model is only 244 euros without installation included. The appliance in question is for sale in Worten, from where an additional installation service is offered, the price of which varies according to our needs:

  • Installation of the device with a basic 3 meter split: 230 euros (plus 244 from the air).
  • Installation of the device with a 4 meter split: 300 euros (plus 244 from the air).
  • Uninstalling old air conditioner: Additional 70 euros (plus the cost of installation and air).

Regarding the technical characteristics of the machine, it has a heating and cooling capacity of 3,011 and 2,753 refrigerators respectively, with energy efficiency of A ++ and A +++ grade. In terms of power, the device has 12,000 BTu per hour on average. The cooling surface is 22 square meters and it has a Sleep mode that adjusts the power of the air to reduce the noise emitted.

Silkair Home, air conditioning, dehumidifier and fan

5 types of cheap air conditioning for this summer of 2020 2

This 3-in-1 solution from Ikohs arrives in a portable format for only 180 euros in the manufacturer’s store. The device in question has three modes, with a power of 7,000 BTu per hour, which is equivalent to about 1,800 cold stores, according to the brand itself. If we talk about the dehumidification function, the machine has a capacity of 17 liters per day.

In addition to having a washable filter, it has a touch screen, from which we can program the device thanks to the timer that comes standard. It should be noted that it has a system called Subnoise System that allows reducing emission noise, just like a conventional air device. The temperature range, by the way, goes from 7º C to 35.

Daitsu ASD9KI-DC, a quiet air conditioner

If we are looking for a silent air conditioner, this model is Daitsu is one of the best options within its price range, with a maximum sound pressure of 55 decibels, (40 decibels high, 35 average and 28 low). In PCcomponentes we can get the Daitsu ASD9KI-DC for 340 euros, to which we must add another 16 euros for shipping costs. That is to say that PCcomponentes does not perform installation services, so we will have to resort to a local company to proceed to install the device at home.

As for the technical characteristics of the machine, it has a cooling capacity of between 2,000 and 2,700 cold storesas well as 2,408 kilocalories. It also has the A ++ certification for cooling functions and A + for heating functions. In other words, its energy consumption is quite low.

cheap carrefour air conditioner

If we opt for the face-to-face purchase or for the purchase in more well-known stores, this Climatric model is dispensed in Carrefour for 339 euros plus another 15 euros of shipping costs. The characteristics of the Climatric CLI-12DC do not differ much from those of the other options that we have just mentioned: cooling capacity from 2,001 to 3,000 fridges, A ++ and A + certified, 60 decibels maximum sound pressure …

As with Worten, Carrefour offers a customized installation service, the price of which varies depending on the type of installation. The route time of the French giant is as follows:

  • Basic installation of the appliance: 229 euros (plus 339 from the air).
  • Basic installation of the appliance with uninstallation of the old model: 299 euros (plus 339 from the air).

It is worth saying that the installation price is fixed at all points in Spain where the company operates, as the website itself suggests.

What is the cheapest air conditioning to overcome the heat wave

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