5 ways to take advantage of the Bose TV Speaker bar in your living room

5 ways to take advantage of the Bose TV Speaker bar in your living room

The new Bose TV Speaker is a cheap sound bar that was presented last June. Now available for 280 euros and we had the opportunity to comment on its characteristics. Let’s review them now, after a touchdown and before the next test in depth, underlining its virtues.

1 Movies, series and programs with the best sound

The flat televisions they came to our houses with great force … but its sound has never convinced us. To get good sound there is no other choice but to have a minimum of volume, body, and that is what sound bars offer. Despite its compact size, since the Bose TV Speaker measure just 60 centimeters wide by 5 tall and 10 in the background, it surprises with its powerful sound.

Bose TV Speaker (2)

Interior of the Bose

The right side of the bar contains the control and amplification electronics. In the center are the three speakers, two “all band” for the side channels (left and right) plus a central tweeter that improves and focuses the voices. The volume on the left is used for an enclosure with a bass-reflex output. All this translates into a clearer and fuller sound: just connect it to the TV and change the sound from this to the bar … it is clear that it was a good investment.

2 Easy connection and control

It’s another good part of this bar, its ease of connection. In the best case, just connect the cable HDMI at the exit ARC of the TV. Thus, by that cable the television will pass the sound digitally to the bar, and also share control commands. That is, with the remote control of the television we will control the volume of the bar.

Bose TV Speaker (6)

Rear connection panel

If our TV does not have HDMI ARC (or we use the connection for something else) we can connect the TV Speaker through the optical digital output. Bose includes a cable for that in the box, by the way. In that case we will need to use the command of the Bose, included, which is an easy-to-use credit card type model. We will also need it if we want to adjust some of its options …

Bose TV Speaker (7)

Remote control

3 clear dialogues

A button on the remote control in the form of a “speech bubble” serves precisely that: to activate the mode of voice enhancement. When activated, a discreet green LED lights up on the bar and we immediately appreciate how we better understand presenters or protagonists.

This mode reinforces the mids and, using Bose’s acoustic expertise, takes advantage of the center tweeter for clearer sound. Very interesting in general but especially for people with hearing difficulties: older, although less and less and also many young people hear poorly. The advantage is that we can follow the series on duty, or the news, without needing to turn up the volume as much as without the activated mode we could need.

4 Best Bass

In itself the Bose TV Speaker offers many best bass than most televisions. But its level can also be adjusted, through the remote control. When you select that option, two white LEDs will light dimly. If we raise the bass level, the LEDs indicate it, and if we lower the same (it has four levels in addition to “neutral”).

Unless the bar is in a corner of a room with a lot of resonance it will be rare that we need to lower the bass level. Instead a small enhancement will be welcome, because also not even at the highest level is annoying (here Bose experience is noted). And if we want to “feel” the explosions and earthquakes of the movies completely, TV Speaker has an outlet for connect a separate bass drawer, optionally. The modules Bose Bass 500 or 700 they are the most directly compatible.

Bose TV Speaker (3)

5 Send him music

Improving TV sound to enjoy TV shows and so on is all well and good … but the Bose TV Speaker allows for something else. It is a great speaker to put music in the living room or where we have it. If we do not want to have the TV on, we can send music from the mobile or other device through Bluetooth. Just give the corresponding button on your controller, pair it if it was not already and … it will be like a Bluetooth speaker but with the size, performance and power of a bar.

It is also possible to connect any sound source through a auxiliary input it has on its back. With a standard cable, that is to say the classic 3.5 mm stereo jack, we can connect a mobile phone, iPod or any music player. You see, in addition to improving the sound of the TV the Bose TV Speaker it serves to mount a good party…

Bose TV Speaker (3)


Type Sound bar
Speakers 2 custom all-band drivers + 1 central tweeter
Maximum power Not declared (it has 3 internal amplifiers)
Sound formats Dolby Digital and PCM
Rear speakers Bose Surround Speakers (optional)
Connections HDMI (ARC), Optical TOSLink, 3.5mm stereo AUX jack
4K Pass-through not applicable
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth
Wireless subwoofer Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 (optional)
Remote control Yes dedicated infrared (apart from the TV via CEC-HDMI)
Sound adjustment Dialogue mode and four levels of Bass adjustment
Dimensions 59.4 x 5.6 x 10.2 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight 2 kg
Release date July 2020
Price 280 euros

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