50% discount on fiber and mobile

Orange’s figures in the latest portabilities have not been too good and must be put to work quickly to turn the situation around. This must be done from the Orange brand itself, but also from the rest of the brands that make up the group, among which Jazztel or Amena stand out. Precisely, Jazztel wants to contract with a new flash offer that will be in force for only a few days and that will allow us to get all its fiber and mobile rates with a 50% discount. until the year 2021. These are the conditions of the promotion.

In the case of new numbering or portability registration, not valid for Jazztel fiber transfers, we have an interesting active promotion. However, we must be quick and hurry since it will only be in force July 6 to 12, 2020. In addition, we must know that it applies to the contracting of a convergent offer from the new ADSL portfolio, direct symmetric fiber or indirect fiber.

Promo discount on convergent packs

Discounts will be applied on these tariffs Jazztel, all combined with fiber and mobile:

  • BASIC PACK: For 45.95 euros per month it includes Fiber 100Mbps and a line and mobile with 5GB and 250 minutes.
  • BASIC PLUS PACK: For 49.95 euros per month it includes Fiber 100Mbps and a mobile line with 10GB and unlimited minutes.
  • IRRESISTIBLE PACK: For 53.95 euros per month it includes Fiber 100Mbps and a mobile line with 25GB and unlimited minutes. The Irresistible Pack will be available until July 17, 2020, then it cannot be hired.
  • DOUBLE IRRESISTIBLE PACK: For 59.95 euros per month it includes Fiber 100Mbps and two mobile lines with 20GB in each line (40GB in total) and unlimited minutes.


In all cases we can enjoy 600 Mbps fiber per 11 euros more per month or with additional Jazztel second lines at these prices:

  • Additional mobile line 0 cent + 1GB for 4 euros per month.
  • Additional mobile line 250 minutes + 4GB for 9 euros per month.
  • Additional unlimited mobile line + 4GB for 10 euros per month.
  • Unlimited additional mobile line + 10GB for 16 euros per month.
  • Additional unlimited mobile line + 25GB for 20 euros per month.

In relation to the offers from July 6 to 12, 2020, we have a discount of 50% for 6 months of the monthly fee of the contracted rate. Prices remain as follows until 2021:

  • Basic Pack: 24.95 euros per month.
  • Basic Plus Pack: 24.95 euros per month.
  • Irresistible Pack: 25 euros a month.
  • Doubly Irresistible Pack: 29.95 euros per month.

In addition, for 6 months we will deduct 5 euros a month from the price of the speed increase to 600 Mbps, leaving us at 6 euros more per month.

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