5D chess with multiverse time travel plays exactly as it sounds

If you want your head to smoke again while gaming, then 5D chess with multiverse time travel could be the right thing for you.

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Delete Candy Crush from your phone and give yourself 5D chess with multiverse time travel. The headache at the beginning is part of it, your synapses are no longer used to all the work. In the beginning you just feel a bit stupid, but that’s okay. By the way, you get a similar effect when switching from RTL II to arte.

5D chess works basically like normal chess. There is a board with 64 fields, 16 white and 16 black figures from eight pawns, two runners, two jumpers, two towers, a queen and a king. White moves first and the winner is the player who checkmates the opponent’s king.

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Now the following component is added to 5D chess: You can travel back in time with your characters and continue playing with this figure on a board several moves ago. This will create another timeline or dimension of your game.

YouTuber aliensrock gives you a little insight:

Due to the time travel of your figure, this is now missing in one of the dimensions, but you have more in the new dimension of a figure. An example: Your knight is in a bad position after a few moves. You travel five moves in the past with him and open up a second dimension. In this second you now have three jumpers, but only one in the first. What gives you an advantage in one dimension brings you a disadvantage in another. The important thing is: To win, you have to be the king of the opponent, only in one dimension checkmate.

This is why games can sometimes look like this:

This stream user shows a game with 12 dimensions. Image: Steam / TheSpookiestUser

The game is available on Steam for a good 10 euros, the reviews are extremely positive. 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel, as it is called in the original, runs on pretty much every computer, because graphically the game doesn’t look too much – but it doesn’t have to either. So the question is not whether your PC packs 5D chess, but your brain.

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