5G banned in the UK

New setback for Huawei’s 5G business, which was being one of the areas that generated more benefits, offsetting its drop in sales in some markets such as Spain. The UK now announces to completely block the presence of the Chinese brand. Despite the fact that they had previously promised to use the equipment of the firm, they are now backing down.

Huawei is one of the Top companies in the field of 5G, one of the causes of its problems with the United States, which even declined slightly a few months ago. Although we have seen how many countries blocked the use of company equipment. A list now joined by the United Kingdom.

UK vetoes Huawei 5G

Huawei logo

UK has given a notable change so far this year. Since initially they were in favor of using all kinds of Huawei equipment in the country. A few months later they announced that they agreed to use the equipment, as long as the brand was left outside the core and now the 5G infrastructure company is completely banned in the country.

Due to this decision, Purchase of any Huawei 5G equipment is blocked as of December 31 of this year. In addition, it is also mandatory to remove any 5G-related equipment from the company before the end of 2027. The British government’s decision is based on the country’s security, based on the sanctions the United States has been imposing on the company since last year. .

A new problem for the company, which sees how they are more and more countries that leave them out of the deployment of 5G. While initially many countries in Europe had seen no problems or stymies, the Chinese manufacturer is facing more and more problems, to which we now add this UK veto on the entire 5G infrastructure.

The United Kingdom claims that its decision is based on research and recommendations from the National Cyber ​​Security Center, which has updated its guide on infrastructure management, recommending now that these Huawei devices are not used.

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