6 Google tricks to save battery life on your Android phone

If you want your battery to last longer, follow these Google recommendations.

Save battery on mobile, one of those battles that smartphone users have been fighting for nearly a decade, and whose end seems not to be near yet.

That, however, does not mean that it is not possible. increase battery life. In fact, Google itself brings us a series of tricks to save battery and extend the autonomy of our phones to the maximum.

Battery on Android

Learn to save battery on your mobile with Google recommendations.

1. Let your screen turn off before

All Android include an option to turn off screen automatically after a while without using the device.

Google recommends modify this option so that the screen turns off shortly after you have stopped using the mobile, thus saving some energy.

2. Lower the screen brightness and turn on automatic brightness

Another recommendation related to the screen – which, by the way, is the component of the mobile that consumes the most energy – consists of reduce screen brightness whenever possible.

In this sense, it may also be a good option to resort to the automatic or adaptive brightness, as it will choose for us the most suitable lighting level for each situation.

The Pixel 4a screen

Lowering the screen brightness is one of the best ways to save battery life.

##3. Turn off keyboard sound and vibrations

If your mission is to make your mobile as efficient as possible, another option that you may be interested in deactivating is the keyboard sound and vibration.

Regardless of the keyboard application you use on your mobile, you can activate or deactivate these functions through its corresponding settings panel.

4. Restrict apps that “eat up” your battery

Some apps consume more power than others, when they don’t even need it to function properly.

If you have apps on your mobile that misuse system resources, you can restrict its running in the background through the System Settings, in the Applications section, and optimizing each of the apps independently.

5. Turn on battery optimization

With Android 9, Google introduced a system of adaptive battery able to learn from our usage patterns to reduce energy consumption of applications automatically.

Google recommends enable this feature to save battery on mobile. Other manufacturers also include tools of this type, although they sometimes err on the side of being too aggressive.

6. Delete the accounts you don’t use

All the accounts you have configured on your mobile need sync frequently to retrieve data in the cloud and show you the latest available, added contacts or calendar events. This, of course, affects the battery life.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to follow Google’s recommendations and eliminate accounts that are no longer used, thus avoiding having to “wake up” the mobile to synchronize.

These are some of the tricks that Google recommends to carry out to save battery in the mobile. In case of carrying them out and still having problems with autonomy, it may be necessary to find other solutions.

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