6 simple tricks that will improve your photos with your mobile

Everyone loves taking pictures with their smartphone. That is why today we bring you six small and very simple tricks to improve our level.

A mobile phone is much more than just calling or texting. Smartphones are very versatile devices, almost computers. But be careful, because in addition to this this has become a perfect substitute for compact cameras.

Although mobile devices are still lacking to reach the level of a professional camera, in many cases a smartphone can be more useful than one of these cameras. And if you love, like all of us, mobile photography, We leave you a few simple tricks to improve the quality of your photos.

The Odd Rule

In this didactic article we explain in detail what the odd rule is. However, and by way of summary, it is a matter of achieving a greater visual impact, placing three subjects on the plane (understanding a subject from three people to three flowers, three stones or whatever we want) so that we achieve an ā€œimbalance checked”.

The rule of thirds

OnePlus Nord camera

Taking pictures of cats with a mobile phone, our favorite plan

If you like to take pictures with your mobile, you will surely use the grid or also called the grill. With it we can make use of the so-called rule of thirds which is simply according to Wikipedia: ā€œA form of composition to order objects within the image. This rule divides an image into nine different parts, using two imaginary parallel and equally spaced horizontal lines and two more of the same characteristics vertically, and recommends using the intersection points of these lines to distribute the objects on the scene. ā€

Turn off the flash

Although many of you may think that using the flash of a mobile phone can be a great idea, nothing could be further from the truth, especially since the flash of smartphones is not the same quality as that of professional cameras. For this reason, except in urgent need situations, it is always better to leave the flash off and take the photographs with natural light and / or playing with the exposure of the options.

Edit the image

Adobe photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop is a great tool for editing from your mobile.

Getting the perfect catch is very difficult. Whether it is due to certain impurities, specks of dust on a surface or a person who has strained at the exact moment of taking the photograph. For this reason, do not be afraid to edit your photos with applications such as Photoshop or derivatives, to eliminate these excess elements and even to cut the image. The possibilities are almost endless.

Stability is your friend

Sometimes a simple movement of our hand can turn a perfect photograph into something blurred. That is why tripods are so important and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to acquire a quality one for our photographs. In the case of not having one on hand and as long as our pulse is not the best, there are little tricks to maintain stability like leaning on walls or railings.

Use burst mode

Last but not least, use the burst mode, which on most smartphones activated by pressing and holding the shutter button when taking pictures. What do we achieve with this? Instead of taking a single photo, we will take several at a time, so when it comes to quietly reviewing them in our house, we can choose the one that best fits us. Easy right?

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