600 8-Bit games and two controllers for less than 15 euros

Today we bring you a must buy if you are a video game lover. It is a portable mini console, which is the size of a Chromecast and has more than 600 games at your disposal with two controls to play with friends. As I say, a must buy that will make you have a great time at your home meetings.

Also, the variety of games it includes is incredible, and if you try one every day, it will be almost two years until you play all the ones there, and that is something that ensures hours and hours of fun.

Data Frog 8 bit games

The Data Frog mini console can give you plenty of hours of entertainment

Buy this console with 600 games for less than 15 euros

8-Bit games dazzle a lot of people who are fond of video games, either out of nostalgia or just for fun. In my view it is about very entertaining games, which are not lazy to play, and which you can perfectly play for 10 minutes or for 2 hours.

This mini console is a small stick with an HDMI to which you have to connect a microUSB to give it power, and that also comes with two wireless controls with which you can play. And which you can also use with your computer. These controls have four action buttons and a crosshead, more classic impossible.

HDMI AV Difference

The difference in image quality between AV and HDMI is noticeable

On the other hand, it also has 4K support, therefore, 8-bit games are taken to another level of graphic quality compared to the resolution offered by an AV connection. And if we tell you that all this can be yours for less than 15 euros and with shipping from Spain, It is when it becomes a must buy.

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary depending on stock and store demand.

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