64 selfies from Russia that raise a lot of questions

Self-portraits are as old as the art of painting. Photography just speeded up the whole thing. Different cultures have produced different types of portraits and the selfies look different in each culture.
Apparently completely different rules apply in Russia. First of all, alcohol is involved in the best selfies. One then likes to take photos with more alcohol and food.

Cars are good too and one of the most important rules seems to be: the woman’s place is on the bonnet! But otherwise you show what you have: the Porsche shirt, the Porsche and weapons over and over again.

And while you feel like a voyeur, you ask yourself at the same time: Is that really the case, or are they clichés? But the sheer mass of such images from Russia indicates that these are “cultural documents”.

The man has a message … unfortunately we cannot read it. And I doubt I would like it. Maybe his therapist took the photo – or his mother.

What it lacks in charm the gun makes up for. In any case, nobody still wants to play with him.

If he turns the box on properly, the mold will trickle off the wall. Regrettable that he is missing the cable …

He often goes up the walls. It was not only for this reason that his wife hung the rug on the wall … and laid it over the sofa … and the armchair …

He’s so cool that he only takes off his sunglasses when he wants to see something.

Finally the first indoor toilet! … in the living room.

Unfortunately, such images are often found without any context. What do you see here? The first cell phone museum in Omsk? Or a teacher and his students’ confiscated equipment?

His girlfriend is looking for her eyelashes – but he finally has a pony!

In general, the pony seems to be a real hot topic in Russia, which even connects generations.

A suitable signature here might be: You see, that’s exactly why you have to graduate from university.

And you can do that to your daughter and show his son.

Wait, she’ll make it to the catwalk! But first she has to finish the wall.

Pony, flat screen TV, crystal glass … and biceps pushed up. It’s a shame, a shame that the sweatpants aren’t from Adidas.

Jaguar is an alcoholic energy drink that is considered a soft drink in Russia. In this respect, everything is fine with the kids – normal shopping.

I preferred Santa Claus with the beard.

Makes your nose slimmer, right?

A beer, plenty to eat – nothing to be desired. Well, maybe a gun … or at least a pony hairstyle?

Harley Quinnsowskaya

I almost forgot: A delicious vodka always includes pickled vegetables in the picture – as much as possible!

A picture of a man – with 24-carat teeth.

What do you call this way of sitting? Does anyone know? It seems to be “typically Russian” and personally I don’t know anyone who finds it convenient.

I’m not sure: is he making fun of or honoring the Russian flag?

Without words … no, really – I can’t think of anything.

Was this squatting invented so that you could sit in a refrigerator?

Love for the communist leaders never really disappeared from Russia.

A reason to be happy – obviously.

With the right posture, the most boring uniforms become chic. But toe sandals to socks …?

Everything is right here: alcohol is in the picture – currently not visible and the pants are from Adidas.

Supermarket Cashier of the Month!

At the end of every party, mom can drink up the leftovers!

His first mission …

He rests a little before washing the underbody.

As I said at the beginning: women belong on the hood! If it is too sensitive, we also allow a gentle application.

Pony? Check – car? Check – alcohol? In the trunk!

Go on, there is nothing to see here …

Captain America? Pfff …

Carpet, car, navy cap … The alcohol is missing.

OK, that’s stupid internationally and could also come from Friesland.

Big car and woman always works!

Engine Hood!

Hand on the hood.

The four from the hood – and the roof.

For once, not on the … bonnet.

Tractor hood – is OK too! … and much more stable.

He doesn’t look into the camera as brightly – at least not as brightly as his headlights.

Uuuuund … bonnet!

If there is no car, so will a motorcycle.

He gave his first concert in his grandma’s parlor. All follow-up concerts too.

His father still had a real stuffed tiger in the living room. But he cannot answer for that for ecological reasons!

No, Vanya, don’t finish the bottle!

As can be clearly seen, he spent his vacation in London!

And these are the nice guys I met in the accident!

His sink with telephone connection was a hit at the inventors’ fair!

He prefers to ride inside on his hoverboard. It’s safer and you don’t have to wear a t-shirt.

Just a normal day in Russia …

Did you know that the mother of the X-Man “Cyclops” lives in Russia and supplies him with new glasses from there?

2 kills with one stone: so you can present your new coat and your new wardrobe at the same time

That is the definition of “mother Russia”.

Suits are cool. Adidas is cool. How cool is a suit from Adidas then?

When you heat up like that, you can make the best of it.

In Russia, camera filters look different …

A trip with the nuclear submarine.

It wasn’t enough to go to the Porsche, but the shirt is already there – and the necessary pony hairstyle …

I believe I can fly … Murmansk edition.

Because of the crowd, he only gives his concerts under the protection of the military!

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