7 best elongated toilet seat in 2020 reviews

When it comes to comfort in your bathroom, the right type of toilet seat makes the difference. Elongated seats offer more space when using the toilet. To find the best elongated toilet seats on the market, you need to do some research first.

Elongated toilet seat

Product reviews for extended toilet seats

There are many seats with an extended length available. If you do a simple search, you will quickly be overwhelmed by the results. For this reason, we have provided these product reviews to help you get started.

1. Kohler Cachet Elongated, quiet, narrow toilet seat with handy bumpers, almond

This quiet seat from Kohler brings peace and quiet into your home. There are bumpers on the floor, which hold the bowl so that it does not move when sitting.

The hinges have a quick release function so that you can easily remove the seat for cleaning purposes. The almond color of this product fits seamlessly into the rest of the bathroom decor. With an extended length, the Cachet gives you extra space and comfort while using the bathroom at a great price.


  • Quiet cover
  • Elongated shape
  • Quick release hinges for cleaning
  • Easy to install


  • The inner ring of the seat is very narrow

2. Mayfair Elongated, slowly closing toilet seat with enamelled wood, white

This product is so easy to install that you can use it within minutes of bringing it home. It has screws and hinges that are tightened from above to give you a stable, never loosened fit.

The enamelled wood material is resistant to flaking and scratching, so you can be sure that the product has a long lifespan. This elongated Mayfair seat closes slowly and quietly to avoid loud pops in your home. With a 1-year warranty, you can’t go wrong with this durable product.


  • Slow closing lid
  • Never loosen hinges
  • Enameled wood
  • Elongated shape


  • Once installed, the hinges are not easy to remove to remove them

3. Bemis elongated toilet seat with easy-to-clean and changing hinges, almond

If you have a beige or cream-colored decor in your bathroom, this almond-colored toilet seat from Bemis fits perfectly into your home. The hinges are designed to rotate to an unlocked position for easy removal of the product for cleaning.

The enamelled wood has a high-gloss sheen and is durable enough to withstand scratches, stains and flaking. This seat fits perfectly on an elongated bowl to give you extra space when using the bathroom.


  • Elongated shape
  • Made of enamelled wood
  • Hinges that rotate to lock or unlock
  • Resistant to scratches and stains


  • Nylon screw threads wear and slip after long use

4. Mayfair Soft toilet seat with wood core, bone color

If you want additional comfort when going to the toilet, the padded Mayfair toilet seat is just right for you. The wooden core offers you durability and strength. The extended length offers you additional space and comfort.

The screws are equipped with a locking and unlocking rotation function so that you can remove them quickly and easily for cleaning. With a soft bone tone, this product fits seamlessly into your existing bathroom decor.


  • Soft padded lid and seat
  • Strong wood core
  • Elongated shape
  • Hinges can be easily unlocked and removed for cleaning


  • The vinyl cover can stain after long use

5. Bemis plastic toilet seat with easy-to-clean and changing hinges, 2-pack

This product is made of durable plastic for long-lasting performance. It has four sturdy bumpers on the underside of the seat to prevent it from slipping while you sit on it.

This product is easy to install and has hinges that are easy to remove for quick cleaning. Buy this two-pack product to replace seats in two bathrooms, or just have an extra spare part ready if you need a quick replacement. This toilet seat with an extended length and shape offers you additional space and comfort each time you use the bathroom.


  • Durable plastic material
  • Contains four bumpers
  • Quick installation
  • Easy to remove hinges for easy cleaning


  • Does not have a soft-closing lid

6. Mayfair Elongated, slowly closing toilet seat, biscuit / linen color

This beautiful toilet seat from Mayfair has a lid with a noble, beveled edge that gives your bathroom a high-quality look. It has a hinge fastening system that should never come loose. You don’t have to worry about a seat sliding around while you sit on it.

The strong wood core of this product is resistant to chips and scratches. It fits on all elongated bowls and offers you additional space for a comfortable bathroom experience. The lid closes slowly so that you no longer have to deal with popping noises at night.


  • Lid has a noble beveled edge
  • Elongated shape
  • Biscuit color
  • Strong wood core
  • Slow closing lid


  • Can stain if not cleaned regularly

7. Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated, slowly closing toilet seat with bumpers, white

This toilet has a slowly closing lid and seat, so you don’t have to deal with loud bangs in the middle of the night. It has non-slip bumpers on the floor that grip the toilet bowl.

The elongated shape gives you extra space while you use the bathroom. The hinges are designed for quick installation so that you can use your new seat immediately. This white toilet seat complements your bathroom decor and brightens up your bathroom space and gives it a fresh new look.


  • Elongated shape
  • Close the lid slowly
  • Bumpers for gripping the toilet bowl
  • Quick installation


  • The slow closing mechanism doesn’t last long

Buying guide

When choosing a toilet seat for your home, you want to look for some key features to ensure you get the right product for your room. The bathroom is a space in your house where you want to be sure that you have the most convenient fittings.

You may not spend much time there, but when you do, you want your experience to be relaxing. Here are some features to consider when looking for a new toilet seat.


This article is specifically for elongated seats. However, these do not fit universally on every toilet. Make sure your toilet bowl has an elongated front and is not a narrow round shape. Otherwise an elongated product will not fit your toilet properly.

Hinges and bolts

Many toilet seats are now equipped with hinges that are easy to remove. In this way, you can access cleaning areas faster and more easily. You may want to consider twist lock hinges so you can remove the seat if necessary.

Some hinges have a soft or slow closing function. This is particularly nice as it prevents the lid from slamming onto the toilet bowl when the lid is closed. If you have young children or the elderly with you, consider a slowly closing lid to minimize loud noises in your home.


When choosing a product for your bathroom, make sure the color matches your toilet and other bathroom decor. Color mismatches are easy to spot and can leave a negative impression when guests visit your home.


Here you will find toilet seats made of different materials, from wood to plastic to vinyl. You want to be safe and choose a product that is easy to clean and contains no germs or bacteria.

Some seats are covered with foam or vinyl material to give you a pillow when sitting. Some people don’t like upholstered toilet seats and others don’t. This is a personal preference and should be carefully considered when sharing the bathroom with other family members.

frequently asked Questions

F: What is an elongated toilet seat?

A: Extended bowl toilet bowls are typically 2 inches longer than a round bowl. Extended length toilet seats are specially designed for this type of toilet bowl and offer additional space and comfort when using the toilet.

F: How big is an elongated toilet seat?

A: The universal dimension for elongated seats is 18½ inches from the center of the hinges and screws to the front of the seat and the edge of the toilet bowl.

F: How can you tell whether the toilet seat is round or elongated?

A: Without actually measuring the seat, you can tell from its shape whether it is round or elongated. A round seat looks more like a circle, while an extended length seat has an elongated front that makes it look more like an oval.

F: Where can you buy elongated toilet seat covers?

A: Elongated covers can be bought in almost any hardware store. You can also find them in most retail stores that sell bathroom accessories. Many online options allow you to ship directly to your home and avoid a trip to the store.


You have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the type of toilet seat you want to buy for your bathroom. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the best feature of slowly closing the elongated toilet seat so that you have peace and quiet in your home. Look for all the other features that are important to you and check the reviews for good quality.

Best elongated toilet seat

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