7 best upholstered toilet seats in 2020 reviews

Everyone has to go to the toilet all day. If you really want to add comfort to this regular activity, a padded toilet seat is the way to go. Have you ever wondered what is the best upholstered toilet seat you can buy? Here are some reviews to answer this question.

Upholstered toilet seat

Upholstered toilet seat product reviews

1. Mayfair 113EC Elongated upholstered toilet seat with wooden core

This product has an elongated front that gives you more space and comfort when using the toilet. The seat has a strong wooden core, which is covered with a soft padded padding.

The product is attached to the toilet with plastic quick hinges. This way you can remove it for better access to cleaning the toilet without soiling the seat itself.


  • Includes a 1 year warranty
  • With quick release hinges for easy removal
  • Elongated seat
  • Wood core


  • Plastic hinges can tear if they are attached too tightly

2. Mayfair 13CP Soft Round toilet seat with chrome hinges, white

If you have a round toilet bowl, this Mayfair bathroom product is worth a look. This item has a strong wood core to ensure you get a durable product. The wooden core of this product is covered with a soft vinyl cushion to give you extra comfort when using the toilet.

This item is attached to the bowl with chrome hinges that fit well in all decorations and fixtures in your bathroom. Mayfair produces this seat using environmentally friendly materials and processes.


  • Has a 1 year warranty
  • Solid wood core
  • Suitable for round toilet bowls
  • Comes with chrome hinges


  • Hinges tend to come loose frequently

3. Ginsey Standard Soft toilet seat with plastic hinges, black

This seat fits normal round toilet bowls. It has vinyl padding on both the seat and lid to give you soft cushioning while using the toilet. This product contains plastic hinges and you can purchase a tightening kit for this product separately.

The screws provided with this item are screwed onto the top of the lid to secure it to the toilet bowl. If you are looking for a black toilet seat, this product from Ginsey goes perfectly with it.


  • Suitable for round toilet bowls
  • Including vinyl padding
  • Plastic hinges


  • Seat core doesn’t seem to be strong

4. Mayfair 113CP soft, elongated toilet seat with chrome hinges, white

This Mayfair product is designed for elongated toilet bowls. It has a strong wood core that is covered with soft vinyl padding to give you extra comfort when using the toilet. The padded lid is a bonus as it doesn’t make a loud pop when you close it in the middle of the night.

This item is attached to the toilet bowl with chrome hinges that match your other bathroom fixtures. With a 1 year warranty, this product is the perfect choice for replacing your toilet seat.


  • Designed for elongated bowls
  • Chrome hinges
  • Strong wood core
  • With vinyl cushioning


  • Hinges come loose quite often

5. Mayfair 113EC soft elongated toilet seat with wood core, bone

This Mayfair product has plastic hinges that can be released quickly so that you can remove the seat to clean the toilet bowl more effectively. The core of this article is made from a solid wood material to ensure lasting performance.

The seat and lid are covered with soft vinyl padding to give you extra comfort while using the toilet. The 1-year guarantee gives you security if you encounter problems when buying.


  • Includes a 1 year warranty
  • Strong wood core
  • The product has a soft vinyl padding
  • Quick release hinges for easy cleaning


  • Vinyl can easily tear around sharp objects

6. Achim Home Furnishings Black 17-inch Fantasia Standard Soft Toilet Seat

This product fits all standard size bathroom fittings. It is made of very durable materials to ensure a long lifespan. The seat and lid have vinyl-covered foam padding that gives you extra warmth and comfort when using the toilet.

Nylon screws attach this bathroom product to the bowl. The hinges are adjustable to ensure that they fit easily in your toilet. This product is supplied with all the screws and nuts required to install the seat.


  • Suitable for standard toilet fittings
  • Foam padding made of soft vinyl
  • Nylon screws secure this product to the toilet


  • The core is made of thin material

7. Dorigan Home Service Premium softly padded elongated toilet seat, bone

This product is suitable for elongated toilet bowls. It has a soft vinyl cushion cover on the seat to give you extra comfort while using the toilet. The lid is also padded so that you don’t hear a loud pop when you lower the lid onto the bowl.

The elegant bone color of this product goes well with your other bathroom decor. The padding is thick, which ensures that the shape is preserved for a long time.


  • Bone color
  • Made for elongated toilet bowls
  • Seat and lid are padded with vinyl
  • Thick padding


  • Plastic screws can tear over a long period of time

How to clean an upholstered toilet seat

Cleaning your toilet at home is a necessity that cannot be avoided. However, if you have an upholstered or upholstered toilet seat, you want to be sure that you treat it with special care so that it lasts a long time.

You should clean your upholstered lamp regularly with mild soap and warm water. If you need to remove an unsightly stain from the seat, you may need something stronger to remove the marks from the seat.

In this case, try a mixture of ¼ cup of baking soda and mix it with ½ cup of warm water. This creates a pasty product that you can then apply to the stain. Let this rest for 15-20 minutes and then scrub the stained area with a soft sponge dipped in water.


If you’re like me, choosing a toilet seat for your bathroom isn’t the most glamorous activity. When I need a new product, I want to make sure I’m looking for the best soft-cushioned toilet seat available. With so many options available, the reviews in this article should offer a nice selection of products.

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